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Banking Software Development

Are you a bank seeking an advanced software solution and a Dedicated team to implement it at a high-quality level? Inoxoft provides banking software development services. We’ll help you scale up with automated processes, improved customer experience and security.

Need a reliable software development company for building an online bank? Inoxoft also creates online banking solutions and implements innovative ideas under the expertise of the world’s finest software engineering teams.

Solutions we offer

Inoxoft provides software development services to realize the best custom banking solutions.
  1. Mobile banking solutions

    Developing mobile banks from scratch can be sophisticated or
    time-consuming. Inoxoft will help integrate complex financial services into your mobile banking solution and make it completely secure.

  2. Loan management and origination systems

    Develop a platform that will automate time-consuming loan management and simplify prospecting. Transform traditional banking into a multichannel and digital way.

  3. Scaling with innovations

    Not only convenience in basic financial transactions but custom banking with innovative features decide people’s love for the product. We offer to personalize and add advanced options to reach brand-new ideas.

  4. Customer analytics

    Manage vast volumes of data and receive meaningful insights from its analysis for creating customer-central services and managing risks.

  1. CRM integration

    CRM integration provides beneficial insights into the relationship between a bank and its customers. Control, evaluation and improvement can all be done via CRM connected to the core system.

  2. Security and compliance

    Prevent financial crimes, frauds and money laundering by implementing your solution with AI, regulatory compliance and
    well-built authentication schemes.

  3. Business processes automation

    Streamline financial operations with automation and experience increase in efficiency, accuracy and performance. Inoxoft ensures achieving automation goals with the best technology stack.

Basic Functionality

Start banking software development by implementing key features to include in your solution:

Account management
Managing money transactions
Payment scheduling
Notifications and alerts
Bill payments
Mobile check deposit via smartphone camera
Travel services
Chatbot for customer support

Implement cutting-edge features

Continue with advanced ideas for banking with our software development services. Inoxoft delivers functionally rich applications for banks to lower costs for manual processes, speed innovation and act on real-time data.

Voice payment technology

Voice payment technology

Forecasting of customer expenses

Forecasting of customer expenses



Use of biometric data

Use of biometric data

A live chatting

A live chatting

Appointment scheduling

Appointment scheduling

Self-service features

Self-service features

Loyalty program integration

Loyalty program integration

Personalize Customer Experience

Are you a bank striving for successful personalization of your services? Inoxoft uses an empathetic approach for drawing customer journeys. With us you can implement customer-centric software solutions for banking that will include personal finance management functionality:

  • Wealth portfolio and advisory services
  • Wealth risk management
  • Profile management and custom notifications
  • Expense analytics and management

Create value with experts

Mobile-first experiences developed at high quality are priceless for the banking industry. Digitizing financial services result in the next wide-spectrum benefits:

  1. Bringing financial services to a larger number of clients

  2. Resolving security and data protection issues effectively with algorithms and automation

  3. Leveraging client’s trust in banks

  1. Scaling and integrating banking system within other life fields

  2. Improve customer experience with data analytics and AI

  3. Establishing a personalized approach to financial consulting

  1. Empowering clients with effective tools for wealth management

  2. Getting benefit from prediction and risk management in finance

Why Inoxoft

Inoxoft is a software development company with broad experience in mobile and web development and 80+ tailored solutions used by businesses across the globe.

Banking Software Development Services
  • We offer a model of cooperation that suit your requirements, time and budget in the most efficient way
  • We ensure total accountability and transparency
  • Changes are planned, discussed and reported in a flexible way
  • Our teams work according to principles of Iterative Delivery and Expectation management
  • Inoxoft uses best practices of project management
  • We hire masterful engineers skilled at the banking industry and best world technologies

How we deliver first-of class apps for banks

For banking software development we provide a thorough investigation of client’s requirements and also the end-client side with their expectations, pain points and needs. The banking industry can rely on our expert team who will perform:

  • Discovery of client’s business needs and requests
  • Market and trends investigation
  • Well-thought and reasonable choice of the tech stack
  • Analysis of requirements and end-clients’ vision
  • Refining and compiling a consistent picture of the whole project
  • On-time risk prediction and management

Start the project with experts

Inoxoft offers its application development expertise for you. Present us with your idea and core requirements, and we’ll work out the best application architecture, project scope and technology decisions to meet all of your business needs.

Our Clients

Working with Inoxoft, our clients obtain professional collaboration and convenient communication with the team, 100% met requirements, and high-quality solutions that bring them back to us again.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

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