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What are your challenges?

Need to develop a profitable trading system? You aren’t sure how much money you need in application development and where to hire certified engineers experienced in the field? If you are interested in trading platform development and custom trading software design, we offer our services to resolve the next challenges:

  • Lack of proper analytics of market data and charts
  • Implementing strategy amendments
  • Expertise in implementation strategies and algorithms
  • Manual and time-consuming work with data
  • Automation of data collecting, transferring, and other processes
  • Enhancement of the current trading system
  • Slow deal management

  • Hiring experts ready for implementing complex business logic solutions

Why Choose Us for Trading Software Development?

Inoxoft is an automated trading software development company that delivers custom trading platforms for clients working with currency exchange trading, stock indexes, stock market, and commodities markets.

Solutions we offer

Custom trading software development allows traders, investors, and brokerage firms to have all machine learning tools to analyze market flows, execute fast transactions, and manage accounts. Develop custom trading systems from scratch or upgrade the trading platform’s functionality with a skilled trading platform developer. We’ll help you with:

  1. Building custom trading apps compatible with multiple operating systems and devices

  2. Launching a scalable trading system

  3. Automating processes and integrations

  1. Ensuring security and data protection

  2. Implementing profitable strategies with code

  1. Building perfect business logic

  2. Providing microservices and databases support

Automate processes for higher income

Trading platform development at Inoxoft follows the latest trends and technologies that help our clients grow. We develop automated trading systems that quickly react to failures and accelerate order generation to seconds. With one click you can have currency data analysis, price monitoring, and deal management done.

  • Inoxoft uses multiprocessing to reduce operational time
  • We implement custom and advanced features for crypto, Forex, and CFD clients
  • Our company implements effective microservice-based architectures
  • Enjoy immediate execution of processes and automatic control

Manage from one place

Inoxoft is a trading software developer that knows how to build custom trading apps and how important it is to have a convenient and clear interface and communication modules between traders and brokers. Choose our custom trading platform development services to succeed!

Manage several accounts through one system
Regulate permissions and data access
Fast research tools

Customize for your preference

We empower trading industry clients with analytical tools for making data-driven decisions. Together with great user customization, increase work efficiency with:

Progressive dashboard

Progressive dashboard

Market data updates

Market data updates

Notifications and alerts

Notifications and alerts

Customizable layouts

Customizable layouts

Mobile and cloud functionality

Mobile and cloud functionality

Trade and win

Trading platform development at Inoxoft starts with well-planned project activities ensuring all functional requirements will be met on time. Inoxoft will develop a high-quality trading app for you to trade with confidence.

  • Advanced charting tools
  • Liquidity analysis
  • Implemented algorithmic trading
  • Analysis of value fluctuations of commodities, equities, bonds, and derivatives
  • Accelerated order routing and execution
  • Risk management

Advantages for brokers

In the web trading platforms, you can access broker accounts with implemented common widgets and replenish with additional and customized modules.

Balance updates
Trades history
Deal status
Newsfeed with market data

Partner with the top trading software development company

Inoxoft is a trading software development company that provides high-level solutions. Certified software development and quality assurance engineers will ensure:

Partner with experts
  • Experience in trading platform development, creating sophisticated web and mobile apps for trading and banking businesses
  • Proficiency in applying the latest technology to task handling in the most effective manner
  • Expert consultancy in the upgrading project idea
  • Refining of product requirements until getting the most winning solution
  • High level of flexibility and attention to detail

Benefits you get with Inoxoft

Providing our trading software development services, we always fulfill the client’s needs, focus on high code quality and on-time delivery. Partnering with our custom trading platform development company you will have an opportunity to:

  1. Choose a model of cooperation that suits your requirements and budget in the most effective manner

  2. Hire software developers that are ready to contribute and bring value to your project

  1. Experience best practices of project management and effective delivery approach based on iterations

  2. Be confident in the quality of the trading app due to risk and expectation management

Start the project with experts

If you are interested in custom trading software development services, you can discover all the information about Inoxoft and our teams by sending the request. Feel free to contact us and receive the details you need to confidently start your project.

Technologies we work with

Our Clients

Choosing to work with our custom trading software development company that specializes in custom trading system development, Inoxoft’s clients receive the best experience in financial trading app development, requirements that are met completely, and top-notch AI trading software.


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