Insurance and healthcare software
development services

Health Insurance in Your Pocket

The employees are the most valuable resource of the business and
Inoxoft is more than equipped to provide you with the high-quality and
flexible custom software development for healthcare services.

We know that you value your employees and want them to enjoy the
benefits of the health insurance with no complications. Our developers
are ready to accept a project to provide you with the best experience of

Experience Full Healthcare Expertise

We have a team of developers on a tap so they could provide a unique software, custom web, and application development and empower your employees to experience a high-class medical quality assurance and IT consulting healthcare services. Refine the patient experience with the innovative software and application development!

Together we can make the health insurance serve your employees more efficiently.


Instant access to insurance-related data


Easy search for medical establishments


Improved insuree experience


Location-based services


Configurable healthcare software

We offer new possibilities
for insurance services
Self-service dashboards
  • We use our phones to make life faster, easier and more efficient.
  • Finally, mobile applications came into the Insurance industry, which
    means that you can easily access all data from one place.
  • Well organized self-service dashboards let the user feel the benefits of new era insurance services.
  • We provide you with the new system that guarantees excellent service.

The times when a client had to wait hours in the queue to get any type
of insurance services or to be held on the phone line for ages, are over.
Now we are in the era of modern technologies and insurance service is something that you can enjoy.

With the up-to-date applications - insurance becomes fast, easy and efficient.

Training application for employees
of the Insurance industry

We have experience in creating teaching application for the staff of
healthcare and insurance industry.


The application provides a full range of services: studying profiles,
testing modules, and leaderboard.


It makes the process of training and reviewing the performance of
new employees more efficient.

Healthcare of 21st century
  • Voice-based diagnostical tools

    Our team has experience in creating voice recognition software, that could diagnose cardiovascular diseases via an application that analyses speech of the user.

  • Emotions detecting solutions

    Emotions are playing an important role in our daily life. With technological development, we can track not just sadness, happiness, stress of the person. Nowadays computers are able to diagnose neuropsychologist and other diseases, analyzing emotions.

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