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Mobile Healthcare
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Comprehensive healthcare application development services to digitize workflows, streamline operations, and enhance patient experience. Contact us for tailored solutions

Mobile Healthcare Application Development Services

In search of a mobile healthcare application development company? No need to look further, as you’ve already reached the team of absolute experts in digital healthcare solutions. With our refined skills and dedication to the process, you receive seamless mHealth and telemedicine apps that tackle the inefficiencies of legacy systems.

Inoxoft has a proven track record of delivering healthcare application development services tailored to the clients’ unique needs. Our finely honed expertise in healthcare IT results in top-tier software for medical service institutions like hospitals or healthcare startups. Leverage the benefits of Inoxoft’s healthcare application development that will certainly give you an edge over your rivals.

  • Healthcare Application Discovery Service

    Software product discovery services

    If you want to bring the maximum value for end-users and fulfill your business needs 100%, approach a healthcare application development company to get product discovery services. We help organizations conceptualize, validate, and refine their mobile app ideas. As a result, Inoxoft delivers maximum value to end-users and product owners by evaluating business, functional, and non-functional requirements and identifying user pain points for effective software design.

  • Healthcare Mobile App Consulting And Development

    Healthcare mobile app consulting and development

    Want to improve patient engagement and operation management for healthcare professionals? As a healthcare application development company, Inoxoft will provide you with end-to-end solutions and full involvement in the development process. Whether it’s an integration with medical systems, software architecture or UX/UI design, count us in to bring your healthcare app vision to fruition.

  • Optimized quality assurance for healthcare mobile app development

    Healthcare mobile app testing

    We wouldn’t dare to neglect quality control in our mobile healthcare application development process. Choose between beta testing and automation testing demo services for a thorough app review. Inoxoft’s professional QA team ensures your medical app runs smoothly and effectively without any issues and meets the highest performance and quality standards, along with security and HIPAA compliance.

Healthcare Application Development Company

Inoxoft is a healthcare application development company that delivers custom solutions to enhance medical care. Our team of skilled engineers keeps up with the latest technologies, including Python, .Net, Node.js, ReactJS, Flutter, and React Native, to develop cross-platform and native healthcare mobile applications for iOS and Android. With Inoxoft, you can confidently begin your healthcare mobile app development journey, knowing that you’re working with experts in the field.

Our healthcare mobile application development company provides solutions for patients and healthcare professionals. Mobile healthcare apps can enhance patient engagement and internal operations for healthcare providers. And with convenient access to healthcare services through telemedicine and mHealth apps, patients can consult with physicians remotely, schedule appointments and securely access their health records.

We investigate the best functional features and make data-driven decisions to build functional and convenient mobile medical apps. Our services include healthcare application development of patient and doctor communication systems, wellness applications for mobile devices, and web responsive clinic apps for hospitals. Choose Inoxoft to develop tailor-made solutions with profound features, including:

  • Chatbots and communication tools
  • Video conferencing
  • Exercise, nutrition, mood tracking
  • Symptoms tracking
  • Health monitoring with data analytics
  • Personalized notifications and alerts

Mobile Healthcare Application Development Process

At Inoxoft, we pride ourselves on delivering high-quality solutions right on time. Our development process is iterative and focused on expectation management, ensuring our clients are always informed and satisfied with the project’s progress. The healthcare application development process includes the following steps:

  1. Discovery & Planning

    Our Discovery Phase service is ideal for projects that want to understand their real needs better. During this stage, Inoxoft’s business analysis team conducts in-depth research on target audience, healthcare application market trends, and requirements for the medical apps. All that helps create a well-defined project scope, identify potential risks and challenges, and develop projects roadmap.

    Discovery and planning phase for mobile healthcare app development
  2. Development & QA Testing

    In the development and quality assurance stage, the mobile app developers code the app based on the requirements and scope defined during the Discovery Phase. The healthcare mobile application development process includes regular client communication and feedback based on demo presentations. And quality assurance engineers ensure code reliability to create a high-quality software product that meets the client’s needs.

    Development and QA for  healthcare mobile app development services
  3. Deployment & Maintenance

    Launching your mHealth app to the public eye is a significant milestone. We ensure a smooth and successful release by following best practices and guidelines for app store submission. And after the launch, best believe we’ll be there for the long run. Inoxoft offers ongoing support and maintenance to ensure your medical app stays up-to-date and functional.

    development and support of mobile applications for healthcare

Technologies we work with

We keep open and reliable partnerships and maintain solid expertise, upgrading it to the latest technologies in software development. Inoxoft is a team of 100+ certified experts with comprehensive knowledge in:

Hire Healthcare Application Development Team

To provide patients with exceptional care, and revolutionize the healthcare industry with high-quality solutions, find yourself a team of experienced medical software developers. Inoxoft offers healthcare application development services with the latest UI/UX expertise, robust security and reliable code.

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Flexibility for healthcare professionals

Flexibility for healthcare professionals

With custom mHealth apps for an organization’s workflow, healthcare professionals can access and edit EHR records, simplifying time-consuming tasks and preventing chaos.

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Enhanced healthcare decisions

Enhanced healthcare decisions

Integrating healthcare apps with third-party solutions, like EHR and EMR systems, with patient communication and AI to extract valuable insights from symptoms and facilitate accurate diagnosing.

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Higher patient engagement

Higher patient engagement

Inoxoft’s medical app developers deliver efficient systems for all types of patient care, including e-consultations, prescription, medication and symptom tracking, online scheduling and payment. With more accessibility to healthcare services, patients can prevent serious medical issues.

Your Certified and Reliable Partner

Inoxoft is a certified and reliable partner for businesses seeking to develop FDA and HIPAA-compliant healthcare software solutions. Our team of experts provides reliable services that cater for navigating the regulatory requirements of the healthcare industry to ensure that our clients’ projects meet all necessary standards for quality and safety. 

Using the best practices of agile development, Inoxoft works on a practical delivery model based on two-week iterations, regular communication, and expectation management. Benefit from our level of flexibility that will result in exceptional results for your healthcare application development needs.

We believe in transparency and accountability for all the decisions and changes made throughout the healthcare mobile application development process. This way, our price model is designed to suit your budget and time requirements most favorably. We have profound technologies, architectures, and information security flow expertise to provide the most secure and efficient healthcare application development services.

With Inoxoft, you can be sure of optimal budget planning and a reasonable reduction in costs while preserving the highest quality of the product. We are committed to delivering outstanding healthcare solutions that will bring your ideas to life. Contact us today to learn more about our mobile healthcare application development services.

Our Clients

Inoxoft is a client-oriented custom healthcare application development company that prioritizes professional collaboration and top-notch services for our clients.  Our approach has resulted in a wide range of benefits for our clients, including customized healthcare software development solutions tailored to their specific needs, a professional communication and collaboration process with the Inoxoft team.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is a healthcare application?

A healthcare application is a software program designed to improve health outcomes, healthcare delivery or management for patients, healthcare professionals or organizations.

Do you develop mHealth applications?

Yes, as a custom medical application development company, our team specializes in creating user-centric mHealth apps for various platforms and devices. If you are looking for a reliable partner to develop your mHealth application, don't hesitate to contact us.

What functionality should be included in an mHealth app?

The specific features and functionalities may vary depending on the target audience.

  • Appointment booking and scheduling
  • Chatbots, messaging, or video conferencing
  • Personal health record (PHR) for storing and accessing medical records
  • Medication and treatment reminders
  • Symptom tracking and monitoring
  • Payment processing and insurance verification
  • Health analytics and data visualization to track progress and identify trends

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