Custom Telemedicine Application Development Services


Need a team of experienced engineers to build a custom telemedicine app? Inoxoft is a telemedicine application development company and a certified partner ready to provide expertise for the healthcare industry.


At Inoxoft telemedicine app development services include:

Custom development

Custom development of telemedicine platforms from scratch

Upgrading existing

Upgrading existing telehealth systems and process automation

Inoxoft is a professional software development company ready to develop complex and exceptional telemedicine applications on-time, either at flexible costs or at fixed budget. The most common functionality for telemedicine app development solution would be:

Integrations with EMR and EHR
Automation of patient management and communication
Prescription and medication tracking
Symptom tracking
Interoperability with different operating systems and devices
Improvement of the platform’s scalability
Compliance with HIPAA and ensuring data security
Scheduling and payment


Telemedicine app development should meet all the needs of patients and specialists. Custom solutions help leverage your solution and make it practical and convenient for end-users. Inoxoft provides telehealth app development at the highest level and ensures realization of:

Video APIs

Video APIs

Data analytics

Data analytics

Personal patient advisors and chatbots

Personal patient advisors and chatbots

Appointment scheduling with doctors

Appointment scheduling with doctors

Custom notifications

Custom notifications

Mobile payment

Mobile payment

Review and ratings

Review and ratings

Communication channels

Communication channels

Telehealth apps for patients

Looking for custom-centric web and mobile solutions for patients to use and be satisfied? Improve your services, earn the reputation of the best
patient-friendly medical institutions with software ensuring:

  • Personalized approach
  • Easy-to-use and convenient navigation
  • E-medical data security and protection
  • Variety of option to schedule, cancel or edit doctor visits
  • Customizable profiles
  • Insurance information and updates

Benefits of telemedicine app for specialists

Want medical specialists to get rid of manual paperwork and save time for better and faster patient treatment? There are so many opportunities to digitize medical services. Inoxoft will help you develop all of the custom functional features. Provide medical specialists with one top-notch custom telemedicine app solution through which they will be able to:

Benefits of telemedicine
  • Collaborate with other specialists across region, country or worldwide
  • Manage surgical operations processes
  • Manage e-documentation and signing processes quickly
  • Track medications and equipment
  • Deliver e-prescription
  • Have access to patient information from one place
  • Manage their work schedule
  • Chat and video-connect with patients
  • Implement data analytics and data-driven diagnostics
  • Collect and filter data in compliance with all regulations

Our expertise

Inoxoft is a top-notch telehealth app development company that brings medical institutions to a new level of digital operations. Realize successful transition to telemedicine services with Inoxoft. We’ll help develop a real time, HIPAA-compliant telemedicine platform.

We are Clutch awarded for top web development services
We hire sharp, professional and flexible software engineers skilled in telemedicine software development
Our teams are ready to implement a complex solution and provide the best expertise to deliver a high-quality project
We offer experience in developing HIPAA compliant solutions for the healthcare industry
We implemented sophisticated web platforms for surgical operations and 3D printing
We know how important it is for medical specialists to use customizable, quick, convenient telemedicine platforms to provide the best treatment for people

Benefits you get with Inoxoft

  1. Want to know telemedicine app development cost?

    Consult our experts concerning models of cooperation which are of three types at our software development company. Choose the most relevant for you and plan your telemedicine app development cost with all details known.

  2. Experienced and certified team

    We offer telehealth app development services by engineers experienced in healthcare development and project managers skilled at the best management practices. The expert team can also conduct Discovery Phase to evaluate future product’s risks, costs, and development time.

  3. On-time and tangible results

    Inoxoft’s delivery takes an Iterative approach and Expectation Management as key principles of successful project implementation. Clients will be engaged in a discussion with teams regularly. We ensure reporting on changes and all information to make data-driven solutions for the most effective telehealth app development.

  1. Transparency and accountability

    Inoxoft as an international software company cares about each detail of cooperation. We value your trust and as a response back we ensure full responsibility for budget transparency, regular reporting, and informing about all changes.

  2. Cost and time efficiency

    As much as we care about the quality of the product, we offer our clients opportunities to save costs and optimize budgets. It all depends on products’ functional, market trends and other nuances of telemedicine software development. With our right risk management and product analysis, Inoxoft clients experience pleasant cost reduction without loss in the team’s performance or product quality.

Create telemedicine solutions with experts

Inoxoft will provide all the information you need concerning partnership, development and services in detail. We always take into consideration clients’ wishes and business needs to deliver the product at the best price and the highest quality. Contact us to know more about telehealth program development. Hire certified engineers for implementing your business goals.

Technologies we work with

Our Clients

Inoxoft is committed to our client’s project success, so we provide high-quality custom telemedicine application development services, convenient communication with the team and deliver products that match every business need.


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