Internet of Things
development services

Era of Connected Devices

Internet of Things makes future closer. Have you been thinking about having a self driving car? Have
your ever dreamt about smart house, that will warm up before you come back from work? Do you want
to know exact needs of your customers? Then it is a good time to face new technological possibilities
with Internet of Things. The IoT is able to provide you with all of those and much more features, which
will increase quality of your daily life and business. The Inoxoft developers team will happily accept any
type of changes, and provide you with best technology of future.

IoT Application Development Services

The growing number of smart objects inspires us to dive deeper into the ocean of Internet of Things
products. Inoxoft can build your IoT architecture, write your IoT software, and make a network of connected
devices making it all work flawlessly.

Inoxoft delivers custom software for IoT solutions to help businesses
take advantage of the collected data producing:


Cloud analytics, processing,
and data storage


Mobile and web end-user apps


IoT architecture

Data storage and processing
runs in the Cloud providing
  • Flexible storage options
  • Elasticity in the period of higher demand
  • Improved acessability and performance promoted by the geographically distributed data centers
  • Advanced data analytics
  • Remote management of data and device for end-users
  • Authentication servies and identity management refine the compliance and security of the IoT network
  • Creating new revenue streams
  • Improving the customer experience
  • Refining supply chain operations
  • Real-time transport tracking
  • Collecting statistics on fleet performance
  • Redesigning supply strategies
  • Distant monitoring of patient’s vitals
  • Better treatment of chronic diseases
  • Better precision of data collecting practices
Smart Home and City
  • Remote regulation of processes in-house
  • Synchronized and adjustable processes
    within an infrastructure
  • Personal safety, electronic devices, security
Settle for the innovative services
for connected objects

Every network of smart objects needs software and Inoxoft knows how to write it. What makes us different
from the other IoT companies is that we are great at making multiple types of integration so we can connect
any set of devices and hardware you need.

Benefit From Using IoT Data

Collecting and analyzing data from connected devices opens new horizons. The application of internet of
things in industrial environments, retail, healthcare, logistics, and manufacturing enables the employers to:

Reduce the cost and increase
the efficiency
  • Remove human errors
  • Track the technical and
    human resources
  • Schedule better maintenance
    of appliances
Conduct Superior
Risk Management
  • Keep your employees, data,
    and assets safe
  • Track the performance of your products and fix malfunctioning
  • Collect objective insights
Revenue Growth
Through Innovations
  • Learn the customer and product lifecycles
  • Understand your partners and employees better
  • Adjust and optimize working processes