Inoxoft in Clutch Top 10 .Net Developers List

Pub: Dec 01, 2017Upd: May 04, 2020
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Recently, Clutch has announced the List of Global Leaders 2017 specializing in the Web & Software Development and Inoxoft got into the Top 10.
How did the world-known B2B connector manage to choose the best of the best? The criteria were more than fair: the rankings were built on the basis of the expertise metrics and the verified clients’ feedback. Inoxoft showed great results and high professionalism in leading business and delivering outstanding projects.

A bit more about Clutch and why being rated a Top Development Company is so honorable for us. The Clutch founders realized that the “advertorials, paid endorsements, and sponsored posts make finding credible and accessible market research difficult” and to enable the businesses to find each other, the B2B platform became a one-stop-shop for those seeking for partners and contractors. Now, the companies can openly show their focus areas, share the feedbacks of their partners, exhibit their marketing materials and connect using one platform.

Shortly, Clutch read the in-depth client reviews, looked through the case studies, had a minute scrolling through the website and checking whether it is responsive, checked out the social media presence of Inoxoft, and concluded that the company aligns with the proof points of focus. You can also read more about the Clutch methodology here. Spare a minute to read the extended metrics of the Best Web and Software Developers 2017

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