How much does app maintenance cost?

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Why is it necessary to support an app after launch?

App maintenance is the process of supporting the software after it has been launched by updating it, fixing sudden app crashes, and enhancing the app according to user feedback. App support of websites and mobile apps differs a bit.

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But, with its help, it is possible to

  • improve the app’s performance continuously
  • correct emerging issues immediately
  • Receive feedback to promote a better user experience
  • provide regular updates to newer versions of OS

What really impacts the cost of app maintenance?

The cost of app maintenance depends on several factors. Mainly, the app’s general development cost. For instance,

  1. The choice of a platform (Web or mobile? Or both?)
  2. Number of app screens
  3. Signup and login approaches
  4. App security
  5. Synchronizations with dates and location
  6. App data storage
  7. Admin panel control features
  8. Additional features
  9. Messaging (push notifications)
  10. External APIs and Integrations
  11. A development team cost
  12. App hosting
  13. App server cost
  14. Payment gateway
  15. Unpredictable crashes and events

What’s best to do?

To know more about app maintenance, tap here and read our article. To get a detailed price, visit our app cost calculator and pick the options you desire to have in an app. Based on the overall app cost, the app maintenance cost will be about 15-20% of the total price paid. App maintenance is an important factor that makes your app up-to-date, user-friendly, secure, flawless, and many more!

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