How to use Amazon Ses?

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Amazon Simple Email Services allow seamless sending of transactional emails, marketing messages, or other high-quality content to your customers. To use Amazon SES you have to complete 4 simple steps:

Create SMTP Credentials

To be able to send emails through the Amazon SES SMTP interface, create SMTP credentials (user name and a password) first. To do so,

How to use Amazon Ses?

  • Click the “SMTP Settings” option in the left navigation bar
  • Click the “Create My SMTP Credentials” button

How to use Amazon Ses?

  • Copy your credentials or “Download Credentials” to save the password

Verify An Email Address

You can add and verify your email address by following the next steps:

  • Log into the Amazon SES Console
  • Click on the “Verify a New Email Address”
  • In the dialog that will open up, enter the email address to send messages from and click the verify button

How to use Amazon Ses?

  • Afterward, a verification message from Amazon SES will ask to confirm that you are the owner of the email address Click the verification link in the message as soon as possible as it is valid only for 24 hours after the request
  • Check the status of the email address in the Amazon SES Console. It should be “verified”

You can now send email messages from the confirmed address using Amazon SES. Go to the Amazon SES documentation to learn more.

Request Removal Of Amazon SES Restrictions

New users have limited Amazon SES usage. This is done for security purposes. There are a number of restrictions in effect and to remove these restrictions you can request an increase of sending limits in the Amazon Support Center.

Configure Your Application To Use Amazon SES

To use Amazon SES, configure your application with the correct SMTP server information and credentials. Do it either by editing application configuration files or use the application user interface and enter the required information there.

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