How to use Twilio?

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Twilio is an American cloud-based platform for communication that helps more than 50,000 companies and more than 2 million developers engage with their customers. With communication APIs, you can create a web or mobile chat, receive calls and call back as well as receive and send text messages. Twilio consists of a convenient chat with customer support, messaging possibilities, appointment reminders, conferencing with video, and even more means of communication. Billions of people interact using Twilio every day.

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What are the app development stages you should know about?

Twilio helps build apps that allow everyone in the world to communicate in a faster and better way. To start using Twilio you should:

  1. Sign up for free by inputting your name, email, and a strong password
  2. Decide on the product you’d like to try or explore further
  3. Answer what kind of a product you are building (if any)
  4. Choose your preferred language
  5. Verify yourself by inputting your phone number, a verification code, and CAPTCHA

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After you are done with the process of signing up you will appear at the Console Dashboard with the main functionality. The platform will guide you through its main features and then you can start your work!

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