What is an ec2 instance?

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Amazon EC2 instance – a virtual server in Amazon’s Elastic Compute Cloud that helps apps run on the Amazon Web Services (AWS). With EC2 users can run applications in a virtual machine (VM), which is a virtualized computing environment.

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Amazon has several types of instances with different CPU, memory, storage, and networking resources configurations. Each type has various sizes that address particular workload requirements.

Instances are created from templates – Amazon Machine Images (AMI). They are configured with an operating system (OS) and other software, which determines the user’s operating environment. Users can select an AMI provided by AWS, user community, or AWS Marketplace. Users also can create and share their own AMIs.

Features of EC2 instance

The Amazon EC2 instance:

  • Supports different operating systems
  • Has persistent storage in block levels
  • Has IP addresses associated with instances
  • Monitors the AWS-deployed apps or services using AWS cloud with CloudWatch
  • Can scale automatically with EC2 auto-scaling
  • Provides single virtual server deployment of instances with EC2 Fleet
  • Carries out instance pausing and resuming from the same state

What is an ec2 instance?

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