What is azure data lake?

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Azure data lake is the scalable data storage and analytics resource that

  • contains data of different sizes, shapes, and speed
  • does various cross-platform and cross-language processing and analytics
  • eliminates complexities of data ingesting and storing while enhancing its speed
  • identifies, manages, and secures simplified data
  • integrates with operational stores and data warehouses to scale the app

What is azure data lake?

Azure data lake consists of:

Azure data storage

Here, users are able to store any type of data (structured, semi-structured, unstructured) that apps produce daily.

Azure data analytics

With a distributed infrastructure it is possible to allocate dynamically or vice versa resources for clients to pay only per resource used.


It is possible to develop and run U-SQL programs that are parallel data transformation and processing ones. U-SQL is a combination of SQL and C# that creates a query language.

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