What is cloud development?

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Cloud development is the process of building the cloud. It includes:

  • planning, organizing, and designing a cloud architecture
  • structuring and implementing cloud delivery models

Cloud Delivery Models

The cloud delivery models are the following:

  1. Infrastructure as a service (IaaS)
  2. Software as a service (SaaS)
  3. Platform as a service (PaaS)

What is cloud development?

Usually, one of the tasks of cloud development is to manage the cloud delivery models mentioned above. How can this be accomplished? Well, by connecting external third-party data centers to your company’s network. This involves creating a recovery point in time, focusing on network bandwidth, and more in case the cloud will experience some downfall.

Also, cloud development includes cloud software development, which designs and develops:

  • Cloud applications
  • Cloud services
  • Cloud products

For instance, backend and fronted building, web app and full-stack deployment, data and app integration, and, the development of cloud applications.


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