What is cloud infrastructure?

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Cloud infrastructure consists of:

  • hardware
  • abstracted resources
  • storage
  • network resources

Mainly, this is the list of the tools needed to build a cloud. And the cloud infrastructure will be able to host services and apps within the cloud.

Cloud infrastructure includes integrated components that compose a single architecture. This architecture relies on business needs and supports business operations. To compare, software consists of such components as hardware, virtualization, storage, and networking. Based on these two definitions, a cloud infrastructure can be both the first and the second. It can put all pieces in the system together and it can be an individual technology.

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Components of cloud infrastructure


Physical hardware is one of the main parts of cloud infrastructure. It includes

  • switches
  • routers
  • firewalls
  • load balancers
  • storage arrays
  • backup devices
  • servers


Virtualization is the technology needed to separate physical hardware from software services and functions. These are separated with the help of a hypervisor. It abstracts

  • memory
  • computing power
  • storage

making the virtual resources into clouds.


Storage is a place where all data is stored. And it can be across many diskі in a single storage section. Therefore, it is vital to store your data correctly and back up it. The data should be indexed for retrieval and be up-to-date.


A typical network includes:

  • physical wires
  • switches
  • routers
  • additional stuff

Virtual networks include multiple subnetworks. It is possible to even create virtual local area networks (VLANs) within the cloud. Also, you can give static and/or dynamic addresses for your networks.

What is cloud infrastructure?

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