What is data analytics used for?

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Companies are collecting loads of data, that usually doesn’t bring any value to the business, because it’s raw. This is where data analytics comes in. 

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By using different tools and technology, data analytics aim to understand datasets and to obtain insights that can be turned into action.

What data analytics can offer you?

  • Natural Language Processing

Analyzes datasets of text to obtain insights, improve customer service, create chatbots, etc.

  • Computer Vision

Creates algorithms that enable computers to leverage image recognition and to learn from a previous experience.

  • Marketing optimization

Based on customer behavior data it can predict trends and create a marketing plan.

  • Descriptive analytics

Explores and explains something that’s already happened.

  • Diagnostic analytics

Aims to understand and explain the reason behind what happened.

  • Predictive Modeling

Provides hypotheses, predicts risks, answer questions about what will happen in the future, based on past data.

  • Prescriptive analytics

Plans actions that the company has to take to reach its goals.

  • Pricing analytics

Creates a pricing strategy for the business.


Follow the link to discover the difference between data analytics and data science and check what it can offer your business.

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