What is entity framework?

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Entity Framework is an open-source framework produced by Microsoft to help .Net developers in application development.

Basically, this framework is ORM-based. Here. ORM stands for object-relational mapping. This means .NET developers are able to work with a database and use .NET objects. With its help, there is no need for a written data-access code.

What is entity framework?

Entity Framework Benefits

Now, the Entity Framework makes it easier for developers to deal with data at a higher level of abstraction. They can deploy data-oriented apps writing less code than it was before.

Just before the Entity Framework was introduced, developers had to use ADO.NET and Enterprise Data Access Block to retrieve and save app data from the database. The process was quite long and tiresome:

  1. open a connection to the particular database
  2. create a dataset
  3. fetching the data to the database with the dataset
  4. covert this dataset data to .NET objects
  5. meet business rules

No wonder errors happened too often.

Therefore, the Entity framework automated this process and made it error-free, quick, and reliable.

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