What is microsoft azure used for?

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Microsoft Azure is a cloud platform built for public usage. It contains more than 200 cloud services and products that make the development process easier.

Microsoft Azure is used to storing data, connect, build and manage apps with your preferred toolset across a number of clouds, on-premises, or at the edge. With the help of Azure, software engineers solve the challenges they have and create better future apps.

What is microsoft azure used for?

Azure unites different products, services, and third-party applications. With Azure, you stick to the budget you have and invest in scalable running apps that will disrupt any industry. For example, Healthcare, Fintech, Retail & Manufacturing, and Governmental applications.

The fundamentals of Azure are to be:

  • a trustworthy cloud provider
  • accessed worldwide
  • seamless in hybrid management
  • personalized and flexible in deployment
  • with a futuristic approach
  • secure and scalable

What is microsoft azure used for?

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