What is MongoDB used for?

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MongoDB is a database with an architecture that can scale. This documented database is popular among software engineers as it is quite helpful in scaling applications and works well with the agile methodology in program development.

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MongoDB has been specifically created for developers deploying business and internet apps that need to scale and evolve pretty quickly to meet user demand. So, most of the companies and businesses use MongoDB to:

  • move fast with the help of storing and retrieving data
  • support huge data and traffic volumes
  • ensure greater user experience in comparison to other databases
  • make use of it anywhere by anyone
  • use its huge platform ecosystem

The world’s most famous companies like Bosch, Morgan Stanley and others use MongoDB to scale applications in e-Commerce, Logistics, Banking, Gaming, IoT, and Content Management.

MongoDB has an advantage in:

  1. representing  data with natural clusters 
  2. showing data variability within some time or in its structure
  3. developing applications rapidly via iterations (sprints)
  4. collaborating with different large teams efficiently
  5. having high levels of traffic that is read and written
  6. scaling data repository massively
  7. changing the deployment with requirement changes
  8. storing, managing, and searching data with text, location-based, or time-series dimensions

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