What is .net development?

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.Net is a development platform of an open-source character. With its help, developers build desktop, web, cloud, mobile, gaming, IoT, and AI solutions. Using languages, editors, and libraries you can build top-notch applications for different systems and platforms. That’s what .Net development is.

You can develop .NET apps in:


It is object-oriented, and simple to use programming language.


It is a performant programming language that produces easy written code.

Visual Basic

It is a simple syntax language used to build object-oriented applications.


.Net can add to your productivity. How? It builds feature-rich apps of any type and for any purpose. Surely, that’s because .Net has a vast ecosystem of tools.

What are the benefits of .Net development?

  • It makes app delivery very flexible
  • It has unparalleled performance
  • It reduces costs of infrastructure and hosting
  • It delivers modern innovative apps and APIs

What’s more, Microsoft continues to enhance its .Net features to bring value to both developers and clients. So, .Net development can be a pleasant journey.

What is .net development?

Learn about .Net and its benefits following the links.

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