What is PostgreSQL used for?

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PostgreSQL is an open-source database, which is rather object-relational. So there are relations between two or more tables. The database stores lots of information and it should be structured. That’s why you break this information into tables.

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PostgreSQL is used as:

  • OLTP database of general-purpose

It is used as a primary data store by startups and large enterprises alike. This way, they support internet-scale applications, solutions, and products characterized as internet-scale.

  • Federated hub database

Using Foreign Data Wrappers and JSON it is possible to link with other data stores and be a federated hub for polyglot database systems.

  • Geospatial database

PostGIS extension makes the database a geospatial data store for location-based services and geographic information systems (GIS).

  • LAPP open source stack

The database runs dynamic websites and applications as an alternative to the LAPP stack – Linux, Apache, PostgreSQL, and PHP, Python, and Perl.

You can learn more about PostgreSQL here.

What is PostgreSQL used for?

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