What is ux design process?

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A UX design process starts with a client coming with his/her problem and searching for ways to solve this problem. To understand what a designer has to work with, it is vital to define the following:

  • persona
  • problem

To produce a better output the designer has to set up

  • strategy
  • objective
  • features

What is UX design process?

User Persona

The first step in a successful UI process is to understand your end-users. First of all, you should get the idea of who they are and then of what they want to receive. This way you will be able to meet user expectations 100%. Thus, to start, create a user persona – your typical user representation. This person is one of the many, who you have to be focused on to build the end product right.

User interviews

Ask your users what they want to receive. The more you can get information, the more insights you will have. Interacting with users will make their pain points more understandable. And, in the end, you will figure out the way to turn these pain points into functional solutions.

User flow

After you have researched user needs, try creating a user flow. This is literally a user journey from one page to the other, which is organized hierarchically. Creating user flow is a good chance to find out how users get from point A to point B and why. Knowing user journeys make it easier to adjust the product to user expectations.


Creating wireframes is like making a visual skeleton of the product. With the help of wireframing, you will get to see your product and experience it. It will be sort of a guide to how your users will perceive your solution. Besides, adjusting wireframes can reduce production times and usability issues afterward, as well as time and costs.


Prototyping is the process of creating the final version of your product design. A prototype can be tested for bugs before launch. With the help of prototyping, you will decrease money wastage, time spent on the project and properly test your ready product before launch.

Usability testing

Usability testing is a type of testing that shows whether your product is logical to use and whether it is easy to navigate. Whenever there are roadblocks you can easily spot them and report them. Usability testing is the end-users best friend. The more job is done on this stage – the better.

What is UX design process?

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