Why is ux design important?

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UX design is the logic of the app, its navigation, and the operational part. It is one of the most important features in application building as, with the help of UX, developers meet all user needs. Basically, it focuses on

  • Providing positive experiences
  • Defining user journey throughout the app
  • Making users loyal to your app and brand

Why is UX design important?

A UX designer brings quality by

  • Conducting user research (identifying user needs, pain points, behaviors, goals)
  • Designs the app (solving problems to create a good experience by improved usability, and accessibility)
  • Writing UX copy (reflecting the company’s identity and helping users navigate through the product)
  • User validating and testing (identifying real problems by understanding where users struggle when interacting with the app)
  • Selling and presenting UX to different business owners (the ideas have to be seen, heard, and approved)

Any product that needs a manual is broken. – Elon Musk

A good UX can and will:

  • Attract users
  • Enhance customer product experience
  • Get top listed in any app store
  • Promote brand awareness

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