Why use entity framework?

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The Entity Framework is the ADO.NET technology that helps in building data-oriented apps. Entity Framework is an ORM. The aim of any ORM is to be useful in productivity enhancement and reduction of useless tasks carried out by developers. Learn more about what is Entity framework here.

So, developers should use it as

  • database commands generation and execution (to read or write data in the database)
  • domain objects querying (with LINQ)
  • query execution in the database
  • domain object instances working within the app

The Entity Framework allows you to customize your mappings due to having a granular mapping layer.

Why use entity framework?

Microsoft Recommendations for Using Entity Framework

Microsoft recommends using Entity framework to:

  • access data working with applications
  • refer directly to datasets and data tables
  • move forwards and use innovative technology
  • have better results and a whole new experience

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