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May 2022
Vyshyvanka Day with the Team

It’s been a good tradition for our team to wear embroidered shirts and gather together for a small talk and a group photo every year on this day. But vyshyvanka has never been more precious and meaningful to us than it is today.

These unprecedented times have caught us in different places around the world. However, we still managed to pay tribute to our national costume by taking pictures, shooting a video, attending the lecture, and participating in a quiz.

April 2022
₴2 025 443 for UA Armed Forces and volunteer needs!

Since day one, our team has been contributing to our win in the war with our ancient enemy. Therefore, we’ve launched fundraising, offline, and emergency initiatives, fought on the IT front against disinformation and russian businesses.

As a result, we’ve:

  • Raised 2 025 443 of funds
  • Bought a car for our defenders’ needs
  • Given 6 laptops and the mini-batch of power banks to UA Armed Forces
  • Packed 230 packs of dried fruits for our defenders
  • Taken down hundreds of russian resources and reported thousands of hostile social media profiles
  • Launched the weekly emotional venting meetings InoXCare and Good news corporate channel to keep our colleagues in a good mental health

Hard everyday work is our only way to the common victory! Everything will be Ukraine!

April 2022
Easter InoXLunch

Have you known that such a common in Ukraine battle with Easter eggs is a popular tradition in the West as well? 

During this holiday season, eggs are being beaten in the USA, England, the Netherlands, and Croatia…
This year we decided to keep the tradition, so the team gathered for a festive Easter InoXLunch on a Bright Tuesday. Everyone brought something to the table, the number of paskas allowed each willing girl to try all 12 and count on marriage this year. 
We appreciate such moments a lot and remember all those who, unfortunately, do not have the possibility to gather at the festive table. Therefore, we’ve conducted a charity auction to raise money for Ukraine’s defenders.
March 2022
InoXoft x InSoft Partners: Strategic Partnership

To the sound of sirens, Inoxoft has closed a strategic partnership deal with InSoft Partners. This deal will help us reach our strategic goals with fewer efforts and mistakes, build a stronger and more reliable structure, and grow even faster.

“The business directly depends on the number of employees. Our plan for 2022 (we came up with before this deal) is to hire 100 people. Why so optimistic? None of the clients have left Inoxoft in these first weeks of the war. Existing clients aren’t afraid to expand their projects. It proves that the world is ready to work with us”, Liubomyr Pohreliuk, Inoxoft’s CEO, commented in the Forbes article about the deal.

February 2022
St. Valentine’s Love&Care Box

It’s become a good tradition to give to our teammates St. Valentine’s Love&Care Boxes. This time, they consisted of branded hats, sticker packs, and Belgium chocolate bars.
In addition to love, the excitement had been in the air that day. For our team, we organized a St. Valentines Love Quiz with a romantic dinner as a prize.