Project Team

The model suits well small and medium projects on condition requirements and specifications are prepared by a client and are fully understandable for the team. The client pays a certain fixed price which is defined by the contract before the start of the project.

How to know whether this model is for you?

Project Team

You have all the requirements and acceptance criteria clearly composed and can describe them confidently to the team

Project Team

You are searching for the right people in a team to build a product according to definite time and strict budget.

Project Team

Your project is not as large in terms of development and you have a clear vision of the final product.

Project Team

You do not plan to change requirements during development.

Project Team

You are ready to allocate the control and responsibility for task execution fully to the team.

What will be the development process?

  1. The Team Receives Client’s Clear Requirements

    After the team is presented with requirements, we analyze complexity and project scope. Once again this model presupposes that project requirements, time to be easily indetified at the very beginning of the project, so there should be no doubts from both parties of the project final results.

  2. Client’s Approval and Project Start

    As a result of analysis, we compile an agreement that outlines project detailed plan, deliverables, and deadline. Each detail of the agreement is to be thoroughly discussed and agreed upon because the signed price will remain the same throughout the whole project.

  3. Expert team and effective management to meet the requirements on-time

    We understand that clients who apply for this model anticipate the finest delivery on-time. Thus, the team works at a steady pace, indulging into business needs and dedicating efforts to the most effective management. We provide talented people who are well-versed at all aspects of the technology stack for the product and who are able to gain domain-specific knowledge in the shortest terms.

  4. Risk Estimation Plan

    None of the cooperation models can exclude unexpected turns. Especially within the Fixed Price model being 100% sure that development will cost you no less and no more of fixed sum is not wise. Thus, our team estimates possible risks and provides clients with a Risk Premium plan. It is a payment which is already included to the fixed price and covers uncertainties and contingencies that might happen during development.


  • Highly motivated and active team ready to meet requirements within defined schedule
  • Estimated objectives and clearly defined project scope at the beginning of cooperation
  • Perfect for small and medium projects designed to receive market-ready software quickly and efficiently
  • Introduced plan to mitigate and solve risks
  • Defined expected deliverables


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