Searching for the one: how to find your contractor?

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New to finding a contractor for the project? We know that selecting a contractor for your project is quite a challenging task. You do need “the one” who knows how to do the things “right”. Your business is like no other and you won’t be satisfied with a standard approach…nevertheless, you aren’t ready to pay extra for creativity? No worries, there a lot of fish in the sea.

Our journey on “how to select a contractor for a project” begins with tackling the main challenge: price-quality-time balance. We all know that one has to either donate money to get a high-quality software fast or pay less but receive the project way later.

Price as a Geopolitical Vector for your Business

The statistics show that the welfare of the country defines the price of software development. The high density of developers does not promise the high quality of product development. India shows the dramatic decline of the software development sector even though the prices for development are surprisingly low. Still, the best quality is characteristic of the countries with moderate and higher prices. So, where does a meridian fall? It falls on the Eastern European countries that border the quantitatively superior but qualitatively inferior East from the Western European countries.

Money-Bound: How Much Should You Pay Your Team?

Startups suffer the insufficiency of constant funding. That is why the development of software should be successful from the first attempt. The last three years show a positive tendency of increasing the quality of software development in Ukraine. The country took the 11th place in the International Outsource Rating. In Ukraine, the average salary of a developer as well as the overall estimation of the project price is lower than in Western European countries. Meanwhile, the quality is considerably higher than in Eastern Asian countries.

Tight Time Limitations in Startups

The startup directors are pressed with time and need a speedy and glitchless performance of software/application. Time is a matter of money – the one who cares about the quick delivery should be prepared to spend more on the project development, no matter what size of des team is required. The quick project development is conducted by the senior developers, meanwhile, a longer one would be managed by the juniors. The Ukrainian senior developers earn less than the Western European ones.

So Where Is Your Contractor?

Your contractor is in Ukraine. The cheap project development accompanied by the high quality is what each startup searches for. Inoxoft has a flexible approach to the development of the custom software offering different price generation strategies and building a specific team of developers.

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