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New tendencies make us improve our life and business almost every day. Enterprise owners look for fresh ways to attract more clients and earn more money. They want to find the best tools to achieve necessary goals as soon as possible.

Custom app dev is a fantastic choice for those who want to widen horizons without wasting cash. It is one of the most popular solutions no matter what sphere you work in. Do you look for developing mobile applications for business, blog, product or service, or are you just looking for a new source of income? Do you think how to implement this and calculate the future costs? In fact, it is not so difficult and not so expensive, as it may seem at first glance. It is only good enough to imagine what exactly you expect from a mobile application and determine what ways to achieve your goals.

Anyway, the mobile application can make wonders with business statistics. So if you want to be among the lucky owners of prosperous enterprise then apply to the best outsourcing company today without any hesitations.

What outsource service to
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It goes without saying anybody can find developers right on the Internet
without even going out. Hundreds of companies are ready to offer their
development services at a different price. But it doesn’t mean you’ll get a
high-quality product that will meet your entire requirements and realize the
vision of the app.

Inoxoft can be considered as a leader in developing web software. The company with perennial experience works only with the best technologies and will present you a fantastic app with ease.


Skilled developers have the necessary knowledge to embody all your ideas and carry out available requirements. The whole process of custom app dev will bring you pleasure and comfort at a very reasonable price.


Among other advantages of cooperation with Inoxoft is full maintenance at all stages of your application building. Still, have questions? Then look at the whole process closer.

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The development of a mobile application involves the participation of a
whole team of specialists of different profiles.

Everything begins with the stage of pre-project analytics. It is needed in order to find out what the mobile application is for, summarize all expectations and translate them into the dev language.

The analyst will compile documents describing the project; examine the competitors and the target audience of the app. If you do not know exactly what the structure of the future product will be, what problems it will be able to solve, and how to monetize it – do not spare the money for pre-project analytics. Otherwise, the output may result in a non-working project, which will have to be redone.

Along with the functionality, much attention is paid to the design of mobile applications, because this is the first thing that the user sees when installing soft on iPhone or iPad.

The designer’s work involves several stages, one of which is the creation of schematic screen layouts. This is something like a visual guide to the location of the elements, which reflects functionality, navigation schemes, and possible development scenarios. That is, before deciding how this or that button will look, the designer always focuses on the user experience – on how the person will interact with the application.

Only after that you can go to the graphics solutions and create a design concept that will give the customer a clear visual and emotional vision of the future software.

Releasing a visually unattractive application is a sure way to failure. Even if your product is aimed at good goals and very useful, the owner of the smartphone simply will not use it if it is uncomfortable and unpleasant. Some will delete it right after installation, and others will not start downloading at all, taking a look at the screenshots in the market. Good design also increases the cost of mobile applications.

These processes may seem to be quite simple but only qualified team will be able to manage to do everything in a proper way.

Inoxoft developers will do it at a high-level thanks to up-to-date technologies such as PHP, Magento, Ruby, Android, iOS, VueJS, React Native, ASP.NET or any other depends on client’s needs.


Publication of the product on the market requires special skills. Google Play and the App Store have rules – if you violate them, your application will be rejected, and you’ll have to fix the bugs and waste time. After presenting the product, studio developer still has a lot of work: you need to do promotion of the application and technical support.

Our team consists of more than 90 skilled and successful developers. They are close at hand from the very beginning and during the whole cycle of soft development. Their main goal is to present you a unique product that will satisfy all your needs.

Custom application dev is not just an ordinary working process for Inoxoft team. It is an important way to your final success. That’s why they use all practices to get a well-built product.

Moreover, we can make any idea change the course of the business dev with the best custom mobile application outsourcing services.

Mind your ideas and general vision is the most significant base. All in all, we can implement it when creating future mobile applications. Do you want to see all this in practice? Then do not waste time and contact us right now via phone or Skype.


If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

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