Custom Software Development

More and more people are interested in custom software
development these days. Businessmen want to attract new
clients and make the whole working process more
convenient. They start to look for the best decisions for the

To begin with, any custom soft dev must completely meet the owner’s vision and embody all available ideas. It is the first key for project success. So it doesn’t matter whether your company has a solid work experience in its industry or consisting of three newcomers, it will always be a stress to make a decision about software: from the box or to order.

The most interesting is that the final result is known in advance to any businessman: the best option is the maximum satisfaction of needs. In other words, everyone would order unique programs rather than buying ready-made ones.

Nevertheless, anxiety remains. But what is it based on? At the price? On the development chart? On usability? Or on all of the above? Let’s look at these points more closely, starting from the fact that all the same modern corporate scenarios dictate the need to develop individual software solutions.

Why business requires
ordering software

Still, hesitate you really need the help of outsourcing company? Then meet 4
reasons which can prove you definitely do.
You have plans to expand

Do you have a software dependency to deliver the product/service to your customer? Experts who sell ready software will call this a competitive advantage because they give the opportunity to enter the market faster. Even if we assume that this is so, then this advantage is short-term. Your competitors have already acquired the same or similar software solutions.

You have plans to expand

It’s evident you want to develop business constantly. A customizable software platform contributes to this growth. Why? It will be integrated with your business and will be able to become better.

You are worried about cybersecurity

Do you want to be completely sure that your data will be protected from strangers? Then you just need to combine open source software with security monitoring in a constant mode.

You depend on other software platforms

If your business depends on the use of other platforms and programs, then the probability that the finished product will fully match all of them is small.

Benefits of cooperation
with Inoxoft

There are many companies which are ready to supply you with custom
software development but it doesn’t mean you’ll get a really good product to
meet your needs. That’s why you should be very attentive while relying on
your business reputation to definite outsource service. Inoxoft will become a
reliable partner in achieving necessary goals because cooperation with it has
a lot of various benefits:
  • You’ll get a qualified help with the project thanks to the best practices
  • Our company is ready to adjust any soft in case business necessities have changed as well
  • Service provides customers only with the best programming solutions
  • Great experience in creating, realizing and further maintaining of custom software gives an opportunity to carry out all available client’s requirements
  • Our focus is concentrated only on your needs and wishes
  • Up-to-date custom software development for any kind of small business

Our product development process

  1. Any project production starts with discussion. Inoxoft developers devote a lot of time to this point. It is very important for them to understand all your ideas, catch a general vision and remember all the details. Mind to be very attentive at this moment in order not to forget something important.

  2. We don’t use templates while choosing the way to meet all your requirements in custom software development as realize you wait for the unique product. Luckily the developers have the necessary knowledge to embody all clients’ ideas.

  3. In addition to it, you will have some extra time for other tasks while the group of the best experts will work hard at every detail of future application design.

  4. Specialists will be able to present you an amazing project thanks to using up-to-date technologies. They are great at working with ASP.NET, Ruby, PHP, Magento, Angular, iOS, Android and other technologies for getting the best solution for your business.

  5. We will do our best from the very beginning and during the entire development lifecycle. And last but not least we will make all calculations so that to offer excellent service at tasty cost.


All in all, custom software development is very important for those who want to attract new customers and improve business affairs. Engineering an excellent product in Ukraine is a serious issue that can influence your company work. So think twice before choosing an outsourcing company and just give preference to Inoxoft.

Our developers are the best specialists in the area of custom software dev. They can easily find the necessary solutions and adjust all processes which will optimize work of the whole enterprise.

Here you will get a secure and efficient application for small business at a very reasonable price. What is more, qualified solutions will be presented as soon as possible that means you won’t waste any time and even save some money. Hurry up to call or write us. By the way, you also can fill the contact form on the page.


If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

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