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Why does PWA shape the
future of apps?

Progressive Web App – a modernized transformation of mobile apps and websites into a user-friendly hybrid app. The advantages of PWA development and its future success were guaranteed in 2015 when the PWA method has been brought to realization. Disturbed with impatient users who never wait for the page to download and quit the app in the first seconds, software owners discovered PWA as a clear resolution. Improvements have come since the time Progressive web Apps started to revolutionize the way applications are now built and the way they influence businesses worldwide.

Business growth and tendencies certainly demanded more possibilities for flawless connection to the website and easier communication of the clients’ needs to the provider of the services. If to take e-commerce, PWA has already become a gigantic preference of business leaders. They digitized their ideas into the B2C app that boosts traffic immensely and is adorable for users. Possibility to achieve such success lies namely in providing a Progressive web app for clients.

What is PWA?

Initially, it is a website with an easy-to-reach connection via smartphone or
tablet that acts in a similar way to native applications - they are installed and
have icon-adding to the home screen of users.

Winning peculiarities of PWA Inoxoft highlights the polished performance of PWA and its
practical features.
  • PWA provokes user’s resilience to skip the app in the first minutes. How? Fast loading, perfect navigation and connection through any device delight users hugely.
  • Interactions between application with a service worker, delivery network and local cache contribute to fast-loading and constant information up-dates even without the Internet connection.
  • Small application size and better user engagement make PWA a leading tool to increase income and make a step forward to user satisfaction.
  • Publication of PWA preserves the same process as for a website. No additional submit and reviewing for the web store is needed.

The advantages you get with
Progressive Web App are

PWA is all about the delightful experience that is less expensive and
time-consuming. Acting like a mobile app and a website simultaneously, PWA
brings the next benefits to end users:
Availability offline

Awesome advantage of content being displayed even in case of slow on no Internet connection. The first pre-loading of information is enough to operate the application without further connection to the network. Once you installed the PWA to the device, it is available to use the content freely when you wish.

Less time, higher traffic

Within PWA users see all content shown immediately after they open the URL-page. Due to smooth navigation and lower data usage, users get what they want only in few clicks. They spend less time, do fewer clicks. It is essential when statistically 53% of users skip the website if it takes them more than 3 seconds.

Updating in real-time and seamless downloading

PWA has a renewed installation and updating process. Since the PWA are server-hosted the developers do not need to republish the app every time – changes are updated automatically in real-time.

Fast for users, easy for developers

More time-efficient and money-saving in terms of developing. PWA is perfectly suitable for MVP (Minimum Viable Product) creation as it allows testing ideas and tracking changes easier.

Touch-predicting user interface

The user interface in PWA feels light, quick and smart. It allows fast navigation between pages. Optimization of screen layouts, buttons, push notifications fulfills client’s wishes to click at certain place before the user realizes it himself.

Cross-browser as well as cross-platform. Support of PWA for Android and IoS platforms.

More time-efficient and money-saving in terms of developing. PWA is perfectly suitable for MVP (Minimum Viable Product) creation as it allows testing ideas and tracking changes easier.

Do you see that UI/UX project can become a great tool to make your business
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Dominate in the market with

Inoxoft strives to help your business grow. Our client boosts their income
through the application we deliver for them and provide them with full
support. Delivering PWA applications we ensure amended user experience,
higher user conversion, more website visits, and
client loyalty and engagement.

Inoxoft is a first-rate company that can build PWA for you.
Explore more benefits with Inoxoft.

Skilled engineers with solid experience in JavaScript, React, CSS, Service Workers


Great experience in creating any custom software


Company’s flexibility and contribution to your business need


Constant communication over each detail of the future application


Reasonable prices

  1. We create PWA personalized to the industry

    Inoxoft specialists are very attentive to every customer. So our main aim is a personal approach. Everyone will be pleased while working with us as all development stages are clear.

  2. We offer paying off UI/UX by talented designers

    Principle of the Inoxoft team – a
    high-class responsive design that brings users an enjoyable experience of smooth navigation.

  3. At Inoxoft we guarantee full security of PWA

    As a professional software development company, we deliver only trustworthy PWA, secure for both product owners and end-users. PWAs are served via HTTPS, which ensures the safety of each link, content and data protection in a browser.

  4. We value product owner engagement in the process of project development

    Delivery at Inoxoft is always about
    high-quality software that suits all requirements and wishes of our clients negotiated and discussed thoroughly.

Inoxoft offers to reimagine
your app and create a great user experience with PWA.

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