Outsourcing software
product development

We show great results in software development refreshing the online face of the company.

  • Inoxoft is well-equipped to devise and run the software product
    development life cycle – just share your vision with us! We will do our best
    to meet your expectations, developing a safe and exclusive product.
  • Our team consists of highly skilled software developers. We don`t want to
    stay on the same place for years, that is why we provide our employees
    with training and learning possibilities, which allow us to continuously
    provide best services in the field of software development.
  • The Inoxoft developers are creative collaborators who struggle for the qualitative change in the client’s business.
  • We provide the best services for the optimization, organization, and improvement of all your processes taking place within the company
    and beyond it.
Our product development process

Product development process in Inoxoft involves series of systematic steps including designing,
creating and maintaining new products and providing services for our clients.


Crucially important step in the
software product development is
the extract understanding of the
scope, user, and functional
requirements. Analytic process proceeds by the most experienced
and skilled software engineers.

Software Design

Once an analysis is completed, we
proceed to the next step – software
design, which basically is a
blueprint of the application. During
this phase, developers roadmap the
design plan and select the software


Implementation is the longest
phase of the software development
process. It requires proper
distribution of tasks among several
software engineers in the team.
Then the process of the code
writing , as per client requirements,


This phase includes finding bugs and weak sides of the
created software. We check the functionality of the software
using different approaches, which make us sure that we
deliver high quality software to our clients. As well as, created
software is properly checked against business requirements of
a customer. In case of detection of any bug – software is sent
back to product developers to be fixed. This process
continues before the moment when software completely satisfies the needs.

Documentation & Deployment

When coding and testing processes are done – the internal
design of the software, for future improvement and
development process, should be documented. Also,
documentation shows important information on how to use
the software and how to keep it operational. All in all, when
the product is tested and bugs are removed – it is deployed to
the client together with documentation.

You are more than welcome to learn further information about the
product development process reading our case studies.

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