Smart Home — a step towards future or laziness?

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It is not a secret that modern technologies are rapidly changing the world. Starting from the introduction of the smartphones, and availability of the Internet at any spot of the world, ending up with the development of the IoT. Earlier, we have been posting articles regarding different implementations of the Internet of Things, and today we are going to talk about the most widely known notion of the IoT – Smart Home solution.

What is the “Smart Home”

It is easy to describe the Smart Home, actually as a smart home solution. That is a set of technologies, developed in order to make the life easier, so there is a possibility to control all functions of the home, from one smartphone application. The list of solutions is useful not only for making life easier but also for saving the money and natural resources.

Smart Home solution is called to save the money and natural resources

Despite widespread opinion that all the smart objects are created only for fun, and are called to make life easier, it is not always the truth. The main advantage of the solution is to save money and the environment. With the solution, you can easily set up the heating option, so the apartments are getting warm before you wake up, cool down at the time you are at work and again heats up before you are at home. So, in addition to the fact that home keeps the temperature on the comfort level, it saves the money, as there is no need to spend resources on unneeded heating. The same possibilities are related to lighting and water saving. So, leaving the apartment you should not worry anymore if all lights have been switched off, also if the water is not running from the tap. Meaning that you can control everything, what is going on at home, remotely, even from another part of the world. Taking into consideration the fact, that the natural resources of our planet are not endless, everyone should take care about saving the environment. And the smart home is created to support this issue. Using all those technologies, the garbage will be properly segregated and recycled, water will not be wasted and electricity will be used only on the need.

Anti-theft solutions

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Do you remember the “Home Alone” episode, where all the houses were equipped with the smart illumination system, which gives a feeling that someone is at home? The smart home solution suggests even more. First of all the house is equipped with the video monitoring and motion detection systems, which allows you to control everything that is going on at home, while you are away.

Furthermore, being in the long-term business trip or vacations will not be stressful, because of the fact, that someone can rob the house. The system gives a feeling that someone is at home, switching on lighting, turning on different systems in the house and many other useful options. So, owner of the smart home can be 100% sure in the safety of his house.

Make sure that children and pets are safe while staying alone in the house

Having children is a huge responsibility for all the parents. Unfortunately, there are situations when children should stay alone for some time. For example, when parents are being stacked in the traffic jams, or in case of other unpredictable situations. In this case, there always are some fears that they can hurt themselves. The same situations are met when pet owners are leaving them alone. The smart solution gives a possibility to turn off/on any system at the house, to make sure that no one will be hurt. There are multiple options, which allow you to control children while you are away. They will not be able to turn on different equipment of the house, there is no fear that they are going to play with the washing machine, fill the bath, play with an oven or gas. As well as, they won’t see unwanted content on the Internet, or via TV.

And much more useful options

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In addition to the options, which guarantee the safety of the home and people who live in, together with saving natural resources and money, there are more great features. For example, you can program a garden watering system, to pull the water in the garden on time. Also, it can turn on the music, on the kitchen, or sometime before you wake up, to make your morning more pleasant.

As well as, there is a possibility to make an oven to turn on some time before you are coming back home. Just imagine, there is no need to cook for an hour, after coming back from work. The only thing you need to do – place a dish in the oven before leaving home, and turn it on before coming back. So, you are always met with fresh food, heating or air conditioning turned on, your favorite music and many other options to enjoy.

Summing up

Each new technology makes our life more comfortable and easier, additionally to that, modern technologies are ought to ensure the safety of everyone. Together with that, there is a possibility to save natural resources, which is extremely important in the modern world.

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