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Looking for a software solutions company in Raleigh? You’re in the right place! Inoxoft, with its eight years of experience and proficient team, can turn your ideas into a market-ready solution. If you want to grasp the benefits of cutting-edge tech, let us be your reliable partner in creating a tailored IT product to make your customers happy, and your business grow.

Harness the potential of software development in Raleigh with seasoned engineers and product experts from one of Europe's renowned software development companies.

Level up your business with the customized Inoxoft cooperation models:

Enjoy a variety of custom software development services in Raleigh

Our goal is to help our clients get a competitive edge with our software development solutions. Choose what you need to boost your business, and Inoxoft’s professional developers will do it for you reliably and efficiently. We offer all the services you may expect from a reputable software engineering company in Raleigh:

Industries that can benefit from custom software development services in Raleigh

Being on the market for several years let our engineers and other professionals accumulate significant experience in the following domains:

Explore the benefits of optimized and automated healthcare platforms, user-oriented EHR, CRM, and ERM solutions. Let digital solutions streamline your processes with Inoxoft’s custom healthcare software development. Our engineering team unites mature professionals and relentless learners who keep up with the latest trends. They enjoy employing modern tech approaches to ensure better healthcare data management, eliminate medical errors, and contribute to patient treatment strategies. What medical software development services can you get with Inoxoft?


Quite often, the educational system sticks to old-school approaches instead of leveraging modern tech opportunities. That’s not the case with us. Change the way people learn or help others do it with Inoxoft. Based on your needs, our team of engineers offers


FinTech is on the rise, so now is the right time to tap its lucrative opportunities. Profit and help others profit with tailored financial solutions. Get secure and reliable financial software developed by Inoxoft that matches your business goals. What kinds of financial software development services do we offer?

Our specialists create comprehensive solutions for financial institutions and startups. For that, we leverage the potential of blockchain, AI, advanced data analytics, and another advanced tech. This way, you get insightful financial forecasting, efficient operational risk & compliance management, regulatory reporting, and financial fraud management with Inoxoft.


Even such a “physical” industry as logistics needs digital transformation to stay competitive. As a result, technologies like cloud computing, AI integration, Machine Learning, and Data Analytics have become commonplace. We’ve mastered this tech to provide efficient, customized solutions that automate complex logistics workflows (e.g., streamlined Warehouse Management System, automated recurring tasks, etc.)

Real Estate
Real Estate

Stand out among competitors and provide a new digital experience for your team and customers. To help businesses in this domain innovate, Inoxoft offers professional real estate software development services. Our solutions include several features and tools to streamline and simplify real estate management.

For instance, with us, you can get the following:

  • Real Estate CRM Software
  • Property Rental Management Software
  • Real Estate IDX Technology Integration

Why Inoxoft?

Being an IT product development company in Raleigh, with eight years of experience, we know in practice that each business’s needs are unique. That’s why we value individual approaches to each client. So what’s our secret for a win-win scenario?

  • The mindset that aims for a smooth and effective delivery
  • Recruitment standards that get the best professionals
  • Narrow focus to excel in what we do
  • Deep expertise to make every detail matter
  • Business-friendly hiring model that gives you flexibility
  • Effortless communication, not wasting time on endless meetings
  • Efficient project management that makes the workflow smooth
  • Standardized Security Protocols to ensure the safety of the solutions
  • Full range of services to let you find the right one for your business

Our Tech Stack

Our developers are both professional and passionate about engineering. That’s why they use the latest technologies and frameworks to ensure the highest quality of solutions. We care about everything, from a robust back-end to an eye-pleasing and user-friendly design. What tech does Inoxoft employ to meet your expectations?

Fuel your project with a software solutions company in Raleigh

Our Clients

Hundreds of successful companies advanced their business with our custom solutions. We go beyond the typical ‘customer-contractor’ model and let the magic of partnership happen.

Partners & Awards

Trusted by startups and Fortune 500 companies
Trusted by startups and Fortune 500 companiesTrusted by startups and Fortune 500 companiesTrusted by startups and Fortune 500 companiesTrusted by startups and Fortune 500 companiesTrusted by startups and Fortune 500 companiesTrusted by startups and Fortune 500 companiesTrusted by startups and Fortune 500 companiesTrusted by startups and Fortune 500 companiesTrusted by startups and Fortune 500 companiesTrusted by startups and Fortune 500 companiesTrusted by startups and Fortune 500 companies
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Business PartnersBusiness PartnersBusiness PartnersBusiness PartnersBusiness PartnersBusiness PartnersBusiness PartnersBusiness Partners


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