Top 7 myths about programmers you have never heard

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Not so many years ago there was little information about programmers and their work. However, times have changed and the rapid development of technologies has influenced the mentioned above fact. Now more and more people choose IT career, as they think it is a perfect chance to start earning a lot of money. Others just dream about it as think that coding is too difficult for them. These are not all myths about developers that you can come across. There are much more of them but let’s learn the most astonishing ones.

№1 A programmer must know the computer in and out

Image — Programmer must know the computer

Lots of people really think that a programmer must know every detail on a computer, and other household appliances, just because it’s his work. In fact, things are different, a programmer can even know nothing about the hardware, or has the general theoretical knowledge, which is just unnecessary for coding at all. In addition to it, there are people who are sure a programmer simply must know everything about other devices and machines. They often ask them to fix a toaster or a washing machine. But a coder who can’t do it shouldn’t be called a bad professional as it is not his duty.

№ 2 Programming is boring

To begin with, it depends only on a person’s attitude. People who are passionate about programming do not consider it as such, otherwise, why would they do it. In general, programming is at the forefront of technology. It is not only about the creation of sites, but it is also a technique for cars and airplanes, video games, mobile applications, medical equipment, space exploration.

Programming skills allow working in a wide variety of industries: from agriculture to rocket production.

And you can create programs that will be used by millions of people or programs to control robots or the rover millions of kilometers away.

№ 3 Math knowledge is crucial

Image — Programmer must know math

It is another myth, but success in programming doesn’t depend on mathematical skills.

School knowledge will be enough at the very beginning of IT career. The reason is evident, coding is writing of clear instructions for a computer. It can be compared with a cake cooking. Here a person needs to know how to count calories, distinguish a round shape from a square one, describe consecution of actions etc. No specific knowledge and difficult formulas are required. Of course, there are areas where math plays a significant role. For example, a programmer needs to know trigonometry, be able to work with matrices and know physics, but this is fundamental knowledge. Those coders who have difficulties with it can easily use additional libraries and plugins.

№ 4 Programming is not for creative people

Frankly speaking, coding is a kind of art and many people don’t know it. Programmers are engaged in a building various websites, apps and games like authors dip in writing books. Specialists can impress own creative abilities and abstract ideas with help of coding. They are eager to fill programs with real emotions and interests. Moreover, technical skills allow creative people to widen own abilities.

So, programming is not just a creative engineer’s work, it also provides constructive people with extra opportunities.

№ 5 No communication with other people

One more popular myth tells that coders do not communicate with other people but always sit in front of a computer screen, it is absolutely wrong. Of course, programming like any other serious profession requires a maximum of attention but it doesn’t mean developers have no time to have a word with specialists from other departments. They like to chat with colleagues as in a result they can present a perfect product. Finally, they attend different meetings and exhibitions where get a chance to talk to people of different ages on various topics.

Programmers meet friends and have a lifestyle similar to people of all professions, and even better.

№ 6 Coding is too difficult

Image — Coding is too difficult

Most people think coding is quite difficult and not everybody will manage to work with it. Let’s look at Chinese hieroglyphs, they are more difficult for sure. However, lots of people in the world understand them. Coding doesn’t require memorizing or pronunciation so it’s definitely easier than many existing languages.

All in all, a programmer needs to know some basic instructions the number of which are 50-100 for one programming language. Isn’t is easy enough?

№ 7 Programmers develop from fresh start

Just imagine the following myth is true. In this case, we won’t see so many different and interesting programs for sure. A modern program contains lots of code lines. A great part of the code was written earlier by other developers.

It’s not a secret, programmers use someone else’s libraries, as well as the code that was written for other projects. All in all, it makes the process of developing big programs and games quicker and saves a lot of efforts.

Summing up

Of course, mentioned above myths are not everything you can meet in life. The profession of the software engineer remains one of the most popular ones, and it is normal for people to talk about it and its aspects. However, everybody should be attentive while reading suchlike information in order to avoid misunderstanding. A coder like a person of any other profession can be successful and get a high salary, but it depends on personal qualities and intentions. Programming is a very interesting and creative sphere where a person can realize the available potential for 100 %. All additional knowledge can be easily got at any time if it is necessary.

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