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Let’s review the technologies that can be implemented during the product development process. The information will appear valuable for those who plan to order product development from an IT company and would like to know more about the technologies they can offer. Save your time reading this short digest on technologies and languages the IT engineers use to build your software. Before we continue with the technologies list, we should choose a particular type of development. There are 5 common types of software development known in modern practice.

Web Development

Modern people are not eager to visit the shop or call the company for consultation, they search for them online. The web is a safe path to brand recognition and liability known to an average user. Web development has transformed over the years to become a great tool for businesses. New Application Programming Interfaces improve the functionality of the website bridging the service providers with the potential clients.

Developers use different languages to build websites. Each of them can serve a particular need of your website so you can choose among ASP.NET, C#, Django, HTML 5, JavaScript, Python, PHP etc.

Mobile Development

Uber, Facebook, Pinterest, and many others have one thing in common – they all have mobile applications for more convenient use of the mobile phone. It doesn’t matter whether your audience has an iOS, Android, or Windows 10, you should make your service or product quick and efficient for everyone. We have no time to waste, even when we’re standing at the bus stop or waiting in a queue and with a robust mobile app we can buy, track, order, and plan whatever the market offers. Applications are so flexible that they can range from the “face-changing” game to a heart rate counting.

Depending on the desired device, your mobile application can be written using Android, C#, Swift (for iOS), Java, HTML5, Objective C.

Data Science

Machine Learning is the hype of the last five years. It gained its attention thanks to the advance in the data science – a relatively new branch. These are the numerical applications that help the computer “learn” from the big amount of data using the cluster computing approach. Based on the data input, the machines make their own conclusions and decisions as based on the data. What role does the data science play in all this process? It transforms the material so it would be interpreted by the machine correctly.

The basic languages for data science are C/C++ and Python.

Application Development

An application development products are the applications of the “original” programming type. Basically, the app development is what runs on your Windows, Mac, or Linux system. It might be an organizer, a notepad, or a simple game – anything that is not web-based. The application development can transform the internal company processes and make them trackable, improve the reciprocal “business-to-client” communication.

Application Development is pretty flexible and versatile and is usually developed with the C#,  C/C++, Java, Python, and VB.NET.

Back-End Development

These are the programs and the development that goes on behind the scenes to make sure the front-end program churning away does so without bringing half your computer to a standstill. Back-end developers are heavily involved in the creation of system architecture. They are also responsible for an organization of the logic of the system, assuring its proper maintenance. Finally, database management is a prime candidate for back-end development. Database development is literally the backbone of any system that holds large amounts of data to be organized. One billion users’ details have to be organized somehow, and back-end developers make this their job.

Languages of choice: C and C++; Linux scripting for Cron; also (my)SQL, dBase and Oracle for databases.

Having a list of types of software development, we can move to the list of the Top 7 technologies used in the process

  • JavaScript – the most popular language in software development, most of the websites are developed with this technology;
  • Java – leader of the software development in the world, created in 1991 as a base for Smart TV. Nowadays, the system is used for application development. Mobile System Android was created using Java;
  • Python – language was created in 1989. IT developers say that this language is perfect to start learning to programme from;
  • Ruby – the language is mostly used for mobile application development;
  • PHP – big websites like WordPress, Facebook, Yahoo, etc, were built using this technology. So, there is no doubt where this technology may be used;
  • С++ – created in 1983 as a replacement to original C language. The system is popular among such companies as Microsoft, Windows, Google Chrome;
  • CSS – the system is mostly used in the creation of the Web pages. Also, a lot of mobile applications are built on it, with elements of JavaScript and HTML.

Summing up

Requesting the project from IT company, it is important to understand what kind of platform you need and which technologies will be used during the process. Understanding more about Software development will help you to make the right choice.

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