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CV Application

Send us your CV via Contact Form on the website, Skype or LinkedIn. Criteria, according to which candidates are selected, depend on vacancy requirements.

As soon as your Application is approved for the next steps, Recruiters will contact you during 3 working days and ask for the interview via Skype or in-person. We will adjust to your preferred time.



There are different types of interviews based on a Vacancy specifics. Standard flow includes: Tech-skills Interview, Soft-Skills Interview and Project Manager Interview. Our Recruiters will provide you with all necessary details about interview stages and time-frames.

Some Vacancies require interviewing with a Client or passing Test task. We will support you in preparation for both. You may expect feedback on tech and soft skills from recruiters during 3 business days after the interview.


Job Offer

After all interview stages, basing on decision & feedback from all Interviewers, Recruiter will send you the Offer containing all the information on terms and conditions of our cooperation.

We expect you to sign it as soon as possible, so that we could start preparing for your first day in the team. From now on, your journey in the company begins:)

Candidate's Experience

imageCandidates rate our Interview Process
as 4.8 out of 5

We try to create very opened and easy atmosphere during our interviews. We would adjust to your schedule and location by proposing the most convenient time and way of interview conduction.

In Office – you can always expect coffee or tea, small talks with our people in corridors and short excursion across the office held by our recruiters.

Haven’t provided your feedback?

Evaluate our Interview Process, so that we could always improve for the better:)

Our Recruitment Team

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