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Senior Frontend Developer

We are looking for a Senior Frontend Developer with experience in working with JavaScript and React.js for a project in the Healthcare Domain.

About the project:

The app that helps to communicate within doctor’s community – share ideas, ask for a piece of advice and help each other.

Our Team:

2 Developers, QA, Product Manager

Tech stack:

JavaScript, TypeScript, React.js, React Native, Node.js

  • Collaborate with business owners to clarify their requirements for analytical reports
  • Support and development of existing BI reports and data models
  • Suggest and implement incremental data update solutions for huge facts
  • Design and build power bi reports and dashboards for web/desktop
  • Following and improving project conventions (architecture approach, code style, best practices)
  • Following and suggesting improvements for the existing project processes, methodologies, and guidelines
  • Estimation of tasks and functions and fit with own estimates
  • Creating and updating project documentation (technical and functional)
  • delivery of assigned tasks
  • 5+ years of experience working as a JavaScript Developer
  • Strong experience in JS, React, Typescript
  • Ability to transform business needs into technical/programming requirements
  • Good communication and analytical skills
  • Good teamwork and collaboration
  • English: B2 and higher
As a plus:
  • Experience with Matrix

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