Virtual Reality – advanced gaming tool or powerful training platform?

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For several years we are following after development of the Virtual and Augmented Reality. In the early beginning, the VR and AR gadgets have been treated as gaming tools which would probably become wanted among children. Nowadays, companies present a wide range of software and hardware supporting Virtual and Alternative Reality. We have touched upon this topic in the previous article. In the following piece of writing, we will analyze trends of the VR and AR more specifically.

IoT in Logistis

Dynamic Storytelling

Journalists rule the scene, especially when it comes to the presentation of the new trends. American magazines The New York Times, The Suite Life and The Guardian presented a new way of storytelling and article writing. They have presented the software, with which you may feel the news from the inside. For example, instead of reading about the camp of escapees from Syria, now you can feel as you are in there. The Suite Life grants you with a possibility to see the luxury apartments, cruise ships, private planes and the best hotels from the inside. Rather than watching photos – you could have a virtual tour of the place that you could never visit.

Virtual Education

Do you remember history, geography or any other lessons from school times? Was it easy for you to understand the way how people lived in the 10th century only watching pictures? How did you feel realizing how big is the Atlantic Ocean or Sahara desert? Was not easy to do, right? Nowadays, technologies make the studying process easier and faster. Just imagine, you are a twelve-year-old pupil sitting in the classroom, and the subject of the lesson is Egypt. You are not supposed to read lots of articles, the only thing you need to do – is to wear an Optical Head-mounted display and start the adventure. You may see the process of building pyramids, Egyptian kings, and dynasties. Now you can follow all stages of the country development. Sounds fantastic, right? This is the way the education and tourism will be developing in the next few years. If you want to travel all over the world, but don’t have enough money, you can benefit from Virtual Reality. Just imagine that you are walking around Paris, have fun during Carnaval in Brazil, attending a wedding in the African tribble or walk inside pyramids without leaving your apartments. Time will show us if this is the new branch of tourism development or death for tourism business.

Virtual Reality in Medicine

As mentioned above, VR may be used not just for fun, but also in the learning processes. Using Virtual Reality gadgets, young doctors may train the skills up to excellence, before they make injections or surgery to real patients. This system guarantees enough training experience, ability to practice on situations that rarely happen in real life. Also, the Optical Head-mounted display can be used in the treatment of vision illnesses. James Blaha, founder of the Vivid Vision, together with his team found the way of medication the strabismus (a visual problem in which the eyes are not aligned properly and point in different directions) and vision disabilities with special software adjusted to Virtual Reality hardware. Development of this feature will help people with eyesight impairments without high-cost surgery.

Training for Pilots and Tankmen in the VR

First flight simulator for training pilots was created in the early 1920s. With the development of Virtual Reality, training platforms for pilots, tankmen, and soldiers in general, become more realistic and convenient. With the new tools, it is possible to simulate situations which are impossible to perform during real training or that would cost a lot of money. For example, the crash of the plane above the ocean, desert or mountains, turning the tank upside down, etc. This technology gives users a real feeling of the situation and reduces stress when this occurs in reality.

Virtual Reality Applied in Fitness, a Virtual or Real Fitness?

The Black Box VR and Runtastic presented the new generation of personal fitness training. With this application, you will fill the difference between boring fitness training in gym and exciting video game, where you will perform special assignments as a main hero of the movie. For instance, you have to save a city from zombie apocalypse or robots attack, and all exercises performed in physical reality will make sense in the virtual one.

Exercises are generated according to your physical condition, lifestyle and preferences, which will make exercising the way funnier and easier.

New Reality of Video Gaming

Of course, we cannot forget about Video Gaming, as it becomes even more realistic. VR is now applied to several kinds of games like riding and war simulators, and horrors. Instead of just playing in front of the screen, a user is plunged into a game.

Video Gaming Virtual Reality works in the same way as in training or learning processes, user experience the same feelings as it was real.

The user may feel sick while playing riding simulator, feel in danger fighting with monsters or feel the shots. This technology definitely distracts users from real life.

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality, when the physical world meets a Virtual one. On the 2017 Apple presentation, they introduced the AR tool for a smartphone camera. With this software user may place new equipment into the room or place dragon to the party. As well as, Ukrainian software engineer created an application which allows you place the tattoo on your body and check if it suits you or not. Also, she plans to develop the app, so users will be able to try accessories, closes and jewelry.

Long Story Short

Virtual and Augmented reality is slowly becoming a part of our life, and in a few years, most probably, we will not be able to exist without Optical Head-mounted display. Maybe we will prefer traveling in the virtual world, buying goods in virtual shops, meeting virtual friends and playing virtual games. Most probably, VR and AR will touch much more fields of our lives than we can imagine.

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