Web summit 2018: an annual meeting of the tech world

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An annual meeting of the tech world became the tradition for all players in the IT arena. And Inoxoft is not an exception, last year we were proud to join the Web Summit 2017, where each visitor gained an unforgettable experience. This year, our beautiful PM team went to Lisbon and shared their experience with the Inoxoft Family.

Web Summit 2017

Small History of Great Event

The conference was established by Paddy Cosgrave, David Kelly, and Daire Hickey in 2009 in Dublin since 2016 location moved to Lisbon.

It is obvious that the main topic of the conference concentrated on the new technologies, IoT, Artificial intelligence, Robotics and new fields of software development.

The list of participants varies from the popular bloggers, PMs, startupers to CEO of big companies. All in all, conference gains together around 50 000 visitors. Which allows everyone to find interesting people for engagement and communication.

From Dublin to Lisbon

As was already mentioned, in 2016 conference moved from Dublin to Lisbon. Paddy Cosgrave said that the main reason of such a change was not the best infrastructure of the Irish Capital, not the availability of location big enough for hosting 50 000 of people, and finally no willingness of the government to meet the requirements. To be mentioned, one of the requirements of the sponsors was the police escort for VIP speaker, which was not approved. The Web Summit 2018 was held in the expo center, where the greatest singers and bands, like Madonna and Justin Bieber, performed the concerts. The advertisement of this grand occasion was placed everywhere in the Lisbon, in the airport, as a welcoming page of the city Wi-Fi, and all the public places of the city. Needless to say how huge and impressive the conference was.

List of speakers talks by themselves

Reviewing the list of speakers gives no doubts on how much efforts are spent by organizations. Last year, among others, we were lucky to listen to the Brian Krzanich (Intel CEO), Mark Hurd (Oracle CEO), Brad Smith (president of Microsoft).

This year, people were amazed by the speeches of Lisa Jackson (Vice President – Environment, Policy, and Social Initiatives at Apple), Ben Silbermann (CEO & Co-Founder at Pinterest), Gillian Tans (CEO at Booking.com), Ben van Beurden (CEO at Shell), and many other successful people.

Experience gained at the conference is priceless

The Inoxoft PM team was lucky to visit the Lisbon for Web Summit 2018. They had an amazing possibility to talk with professionals from all over the world. It is also a great possibility for investors to find new startups, and for IT companies to look for new clients. In the same time, our PM team shared the experience with foreign partners, discussed new ways of work and came back to Lviv inspired for new achievements. Looking forward to next year conference, to share even more experience.

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