What negative consequences can artificial intelligence bring to us

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Discussions regarding artificial intelligence, its current and possible influence on our daily life are ongoing. A few years ago, under this notion, we could only thing about the robotics, and maybe self-driving cars. While today, it is clear that artificial intelligence is everywhere, it is following us while we are surfing the internet, visiting shopping malls, and connecting to the wifi in the public places.

So, what does it really means for people to be surrounded by something smarter, than human? Which kind of negative and positive consequences can it bring to us, and what can we do to fight with it, in case that is needed?

History of development shows us the direction

Looking back in history, the economic development had been becoming more and more rapid, with the time. Which means, that for going from one stage to another one – took around a hundred years, in 16 century. Then, the movement to the next stage – was going to take around 50 years. So, the speed of development is increasing.

This rule is working not only with the economy, but this also can be applied for the technologies, philosophy, art, fashion and other things, by which we are surrounded. Sometimes it goes step by step, while the other day, it rapidly goes up (in the case with the industrial revolution). Scientist says, in case if the economy will face the same speed of the development, as during the past 50 years, then the average level of richness of the people will be 4.8 times higher. In case, of the sprint, similar to the industrial revolution – the number will be even bigger. Experts relate rapid economic development to the evolution of artificial intelligence. If there will be something smarter than a human being, then it will be able to produce something, even more, smarter, and then people will just stay apart.

Is it possible to face something similar to fantasy movies?

I am sure, everyone has seen, or at least heard about the movies, where machines are taking all the power upon human, so the end of the human population is coming closer and closer. For sure, the artificial intelligence had not been created for such an ending, it is being used in many spheres, and brings lots of advantages. Let’s review the most important types of AI.


Highspeed AI

Image - Highspeed AI

This type is the easiest for understanding and development. The main its advantage – it to process the data, which can be basically done by people, with enormous speed. This type is used in accounting, statistics, medicine, and many other fields. Of course, the greatest influence on the health and life it has in the medicine. Thanks to the well applied Artificial Intelligence, it becomes possible to check the reaction on medicines, in the shortest terms, and to diagnose some diseases. It surely improves people’s health and increases life.

For the high-speed Artificial Intelligence, the daily life of the average person seems too slow and too boring. Due to the fact that it is able to perform the same amount of tasks per day, as an average person would do per hundreds of years. If it has a choice – it would interact only with Virtual Reality.

Collective AI

It becomes clear from the naming, that collective AI is created from a number of “low-level” AIs, which are working together for completing one goal. Similarly, to the work of the corporations, or any other kind of companies, of any sizes – collective power makes us stronger. That was the first reason for people to be related by clans, communities, cities, countries, and then countries to be under the same unions. This type of system can become even stronger, by upgrading a separate substructure. Which requires fewer efforts for improving collective power.

Qualitative AI

A speed of the actions, performed by this kind of AI, is the same as the human brain, but the quality of tasks is much higher. It can be compared to the fact of how people are higher by their intelligence from the animals. Both are smart, by it is clear who is able to do more, in the shortest period of time, and with higher quality, in the result.

Anyway, any of those three types of AI can create the other two kinds of it. As each of those is better to be used for different kind of manipulations. High Speed AI is the best in cases, where is a need to perform sequential actions, with a huge amount of data. The Collective one is the best for issues, where several actions should be performed in parallel, by machines with different abilities. In the same time, qualitative AI is the most universal one, it is able to perform extra complicated tasks, which are not available for human or other two types of AI.

What is dangerous in its rapid development?

Image - Danger in AI rapid development

Basically, there are three main dangers, which we may or do face right now. Of course, the main one is the risk of digital security(or better to say insecurity). Secondly, we may talk about political manipulations, performed by the AI. And last, but not least is the danger of a robotic uprising. Lets review each of them in more details.

Digital security

It is too hard to find a person, who is not working with social media, pays for the bills through the internet, or who are not using the smartphone. Of course, there are such people, but almost everyone has their personal data placed somewhere on the Internet, even if they do not know about. Despite the social media, or other information, introduced by ourselves, there is a lot of data from banks, hospital, hotels, and other sources, which is being held in the virtual databases.

Now, that is just a matter of the hackers’ imagination, what to do with the AI, in order to reach all this data and how to use it. There are well-known cases of the damaging viruses that injected lots of systems in a few minutes.

Fakes on the political arena can turn the situation upside-down

It is well known that with the help of Photoshop it is possible to create very realistic images, which can completely ruin someone’s reputation or create another reality for some occasions. Now, just imagine, if a human can create realistic fakes, what can be done by Artificial Intelligence, which is much smarter, faster and creative?

Yes, if someone uses the Artificial Intelligence in the creation of fake political reality – then the overall situation in the world will depend on the ones who can afford using the AI, and not on the people’s choice.

Robotic attack

We have already mentioned it, as a very popular plot for fantasy movies, now we will review it as a possible outcome of the AI development. Everyone had heard about Sofia, the robot and self-driving cars, which can completely change the future. That is more dangerous than an average person can think about. As, the rebellious system can provide cars with wrong directions, which will cause the car incidents. Or the armies of drones, with built-in face recognition, can kill the people.

Basically, robots can behave in the same way, as a traditional spy, on the beginning behave in accordance with its functions, and later on to attack from the most unexpected side. The question – who will be responsible for that and how can we be protected from this situation remains open.

Summing up

The development of Artificial Intelligence is a good idea, which can save people life, increase the lifetime, help to deal with hard cases, and basically make the life simpler. In the same time, it becomes a super weapon in the hands of the thieves, which can cause a kind of war between machines and people. The only thing we can do – mind twice before using some extra technologies.

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