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Mission and Vision

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  • Make an impact in a Team of intellectual people.
  • Keep Ukraine in the list of top market players at solving global tech challenges.
  • Promote Ukraine by providing top-notch service, efficient delivery and expertise solutions.
  • Create opportunities for intellectual people.

Our Values

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Realize your role and your potential. Be passionate, contribute into technologies and domain expertise. Make your positive impact on the company and the team. Take responsibility and bring value with your work. Your success is the company’s success as well.

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Improve yourself, your team and the company. Be persistent and open-minded in striving for personal growth. Think out of the box. Drive excellence and new ideas for your team, InoXoft and projects of our clients.

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Care – be the one, who cares. Care about the results and pleasant atmosphere at the company. Understand the clients, their needs and priorities. Respect others’ time and work. Build trust for the long-run.

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Be sharp

Be sharp – be fast, flexible and curious. Be fearless about challenges and adaptive to changes. Come up with efficient and clever decisions. Support the spirit of sharpness in your InoXoft team.

Our People

What People value the most at InoXoft?
Our team / InoxoftOur team / Inoxoft

Feedback from our people

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Senior Software Engineer
The level of responsibility and trust I get here, boosts my professional growth and makes it possible to be involved into communication with product owners and impact the product-related decisions.
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Project Manager
I value the possibility to grow together with smart and like-minded people. Working in such teams brings me motivation, great results and constant feeling of synergy that unite us.
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Junior UI/UX Designer
Flexibility in working processes and approaches. Each team member have possibility to contribute into project and solution, propose own ideas and they will be implemented.
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QA Tech Lead
To be short about teamwork – professional and friendly. When we have some work to do – we just discuss the way, align the approach and proceed with it. Nobody is avoiding responsibility, therefore additional bureaucracy is unnecessary.
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Middle Software Engineer
Mutual trust – it’s when company and management listens to you, hears you and addresses your feedback. Together with the manager you can always define clever solutions, whether it’s about your job assignments or your working schedule.
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Middle QA Engineer
I really appreciate the management approach at Inoxoft, since all the projects on which I’m working on are very suitable for me and helps me improve my skills and gain knowledge for achieving my long term goals.

Involvement into Top-level Decisions

Our People are the best insights providers and contributors into the
company's success!
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Our team / Inoxoft

OKR Framework

InoXoft implemented the OKR approach at the end of 2019 year. Since then, every person in the company can be involved in OKR design and implementation and also drive their own ideas of improvements within the next directions: Sales/Marketing, Delivery, Corporate Culture.

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Feedback culture

Each half-year we run InoXvoice, the Survey to define the satisfaction level of our people and gather insights on how to make the work at InoXoft better. Based on detailed analysis, a lot of items are included into strategic goals and OKRs for the next period.

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Top Management Team communicates results and achievements towards strategic goals on a quarterly basis, and conducts monthly Q&A sessions for each direction, ensuring that all people are on the same page regarding company’s progress.

Organizational Structure

Our corporate structure is horizontal, as we want to avoid any inefficiencies, stay sharp and flexible in terms of decision-making, and, of course, support the openness and speed of communication in the company.

Besides the Delivery-based organization structure, we have incorporated Functional Offices. They aim to develop and accelerate technical expertise, ensure best practice implementation in the company: Software Development, Quality assurance, Project Management, Business Analysis, Design Offices.

Core technologies

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React Native

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Social Responsibility

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We support innovative education, creating learning opportunities for intellectual and talented people interested in IT. We believe that raising expertise, service and quality of education will sustain Ukraine’s growth in the list of top players on the IT Global Market.

  • Career Forums and Students Meetups
  • IT Future Initiatives
  • Preparing students for interview and work in IT
  • Partnership with Tech Communities
  • Internship
  • Hour of Code
  • Cooperation with Universities
  • Courses: Web, Python, QA


By investing in sports activities we promote the well-being and active lifestyle within the IT community. We believe that sports and well-balanced lifestyle are essential for good mood, brain activity, physical and mental health of people.

  • Sponsorship of sport events like Games of Heroes
  • Partnership with Sport Communities
  • Organization of sport events
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Our team / InoxoftOur team / Inoxoft
Our team / InoxoftOur team / Inoxoft