Why some mobile banking tools fail to meet customer expectations

Pub: Apr 05, 2018Upd: May 04, 2020
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The times when doing a bank transaction meant visiting the bank and staying in the long queue are over. Nowadays, bank payments are done by several clicks through a website or a mobile application. Does it raise an obvious question – how to meet customer expectations?

Adding new features – a step toward success or failure?

For most of the mobile applications, adding new features outcomes in the increase of users and success. Probably, it should work the same way with mobile banking apps, but here it is way more complicated. Statistics show that users are getting frustrated, as the only thing required from the mobile banking tool is simplicity. Apparently, the reason in that people in the age of 18-60+ is using the baking apps on daily basis.

Introduce Seamless Transactional Experience and Provide One-touch Access to Customer Support

A successful product will come together with balancing functionality, ease of use and clear communication of features and benefits to customers. Banks need to make sure that their application embodies seamless transaction experience. One more important thing is to ensure sufficient account management well-balanced with adequate and easily accessible customer support. Your mobile app should include everything in one place, a customer should access the FAQ and support tool.

Achieve Intuitive User Navigation

As already mentioned, the best thing in the mobile banking app is simplicity which saves the time of the users. For example, suggest to the customer a personal assistant, which will use voice navigation, helping the user to finish bank payments. Another feature is to include financial management tool which analyses the monthly flow of money. This is very popular among users, as budget planning is simplified – saving became easier.

Possibility to Customize the Application

Benefits for banks and customers are brought from personalization, adding reminders, generating a daily digest, based on customer profiles. For example, banks can send alerts when a customer’s account balance falls below a certain limit or when a withdrawal exceeds a certain threshold. Important is to apply features reasonably, to not create a conflict of interests.

Ensure High-level Security with Biometrics Authentication

The future of biometric identification looks quite positive, or should we say that the presence of this feature is successful. After the presentation of Touch ID by Apple, almost all developers of smartphones started to include this tool to their smartphones. It was predictable, as this feature makes unblocking simpler and much more comfortable. With time, other ideas of biometric identification will be applied. There are a few reasons, why it should be added to the mobile banking app.

  • Passwords are not so reliable anymore. We all know the rules about password creating, it should be long, with numbers and letters of different sizes. Those rules become more and more strict every year, and it is hard to keep everything in mind. So the biometric identification is a simpler way to protect customer data.
  • Customers have high-security concerns. As mentioned previously, if the customer doesn’t trust that application is secure there will be no reason to download and use it. Thus, biometric authentication has all chances to become a convincing proof of high-security standards for mobile banking apps.

Summing Up

There is no recipe that will ensure 100% success of the application, mixing perfect customer experience and a flawless security system. Precise analysis of customer needs, including biometric authentication and personalization, will make your application closer to perfection. Inoxoft has equal experience and will happily help you to meet customer expectations.

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