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Viktoriya Khomyn
Head of Engagement
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This Spring, Inoxoft has proudly become one of the top 7% of the Pangea verified vendors. This marks a new milestone covered. Now, we are one step closer to providing a better and more transparent customer experience.

Our Path to Pangea

Inoxoft has always strived for growth and advancement. We accept every opportunity there is to become better for our team members, clients, and partners. Now, with the help of an independent verification process provided by Pangea, we appear among the world’s leading software development companies.

Pangea has built a whole universe that focuses on unparalleled transparency, the power of community, the benefits of remote work, and the simplification of complex things. Like Pangea, Inoxoft has our main strengths and values – transparency and straightforwardness, set by our CEO Liubomyr Pohreliuk. Based on these features, we are looking forward to building long-term relationships with our clients as well as we are keen on giving lots of opportunities to our team.

The process of verification was an excellent experience for Inoxoft. We believe that due to smooth communication, flexibility, and thinking outside the box we’re coming up with the best solutions and, as a result, developing first-class market-leading products. That’s why we have passed verification with flying colors. Having gone through the verification process at Pangea to test Inoxoft, we once again proved the transparency of our processes for ourselves, our team members, our partners, and clients.

Inoxoft has leveled up its transparency by joining Pangea

What we have Learned so Far

Going through the complex in-depth verification process was an invaluable opportunity for us to gain new perspectives on some of our internal and external procedures. We reviewed our past achievements in team health and client satisfaction and got insights into what we can improve in the future.

It was a pleasant occurrence to receive a team health score of 8.8/10.0, while the average team health score in the Pangea community is 8.2/10.0. The highest score belongs to the management rapport – 9.1/10.0 and personal growth – 9.0/10.0. Therefore, we stay focused on our team bonding and providing the best support and working conditions for our fellow team members.

We started with a desire to build a company that could generate innovations and drive changes in a team of intellectual people. Time has passed, and we are now the company whose solutions help industries, businesses, and start-ups worldwide. We are that force that is ready to make progress and create a positive experience in people’s mindsets of how technology can significantly improve everything. – CEO Liubomyr Pohreliuk

What concerns the client score, Inoxoft gained 8.8/10.0, while the average client score in the Pangea community was 8.6/10.0. This score also shows how well we perform in the market among the competitors. Inoxoft’s clients stay satisfied and come back to us to develop more and more innovative products that disrupt industries and bring automation and growth to their businesses.

Clients always highlight our means of cooperation, flexibility, open-mindedness, and agility. This great feedback score is for a reason. Our team works hard to help clients enjoy the process of software development, our daily communication, and the end product altogether.

The final product garnered positive reviews from end-users. By following standard development best practices, INOXOFT is able to program manage their projects with full transparency. They architect their solutions in a modular way, which builds in critical flexibility to their development.– Parminder Singh, CEO, Consultancy/Incubator

Inoxoft has leveled up its transparency by joining Pangea


Inoxoft Continues to Excel to Provide the Best Services

Having joined a community of top software engineering vendors, we are excited to keep working on innovative projects and supporting our clients in their technological transformation. From now on, with Inoxoft being verified as a Pangea vendor, it will be easier for Healthcare, Education, Logistics, Fintech, and Real Estate businesses to find a new reliable partner. Therefore, we are looking forward to conquering new horizons and overcoming new challenges that wait for us ahead.