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Our Real Estate Software Development Services

Inoxoft is a real estate development company that has built a number of projects that helped companies in the real estate and construction industries digitalize their operations and serve their customers better. To ensure efficient custom solutions, we provide the following real estate software development services:

Custom Software Solutions for Real Estate Industry

Real Estate CRM Software
Property Rental Management Software
Real Estate IDX Technology Integration

The expertise of Our Custom Real Estate Software Developers

As a real estate software development company Inoxoft ensures that the solution we implement brings maximum efficiency to your business. Our team creates сustom real estate software including CRM & ERP systems, cloud-based mobile applications, IoT applications (smart devices and real-time system monitoring) to help companies manage their day-to-day operations.


Services We Provide for Real Estate Companies

If your business faces challenges related to rent, lease, finances, accountings, tenants, etc or you want to improve productivity, provide efficient services to the customers, and remain competitive in the market, it’s worth considering the integration of digital infrastructure.

Benefits You Get

Real Estate has been one of the fastest-growing sectors. Technologies like Smart House, automated support, advanced location-based services, e-signing, are gaining popularity among clients and have become a new reality.

Create more value in the industry! Real estate software brings efficiency for both real estate software providers and owners of commercial facilities.

Benefits You Get

Benefits of proptech software development services include:

  1. Data-driven decision-making

    With the help of business intelligence companies can convert the unstructured data into a structured format, visualize and generate actionable insights.

  2. Advanced analytics

    We use our Data Science expertise to help you track potential clients, and transform audience insights into user-convenient experiences.

  3. Risk monitoring

    With efficient CRM platforms, companies can analyze the target market, and by that forecasts possible problems or even future trends.

  4. Tech-Driven Competitive Advantage

    With the competition within the industry, companies that employ tech trends have more value for potential clients.

  5. Optimization

    With the custom CRM software, you will increase data security, speed up internal processes, optimize sales and marketing funnels and reduce operational costs.

Get the best experience from our custom real estate software solutions

At Inoxoft we provide custom-tailored solutions for real estate enterprises by building advanced real estate apps, web platforms, and smart MLS.Get in touch with experienced PropTech engineers today and receive:

  • Flexible cooperation model
  • A dedicated team of real-estate software developers
  • Automation, backup, and security
  • Control of fees, scholarships and fundings
  • High-Quality Product
  • Data safety and clear code
  • Efficient Communication
  • Reliable and high-performing architecture
  • Personal approach to every client and usage of real estate technology to create the best custom software right for you
Technologies we work with


Our clients, real estate enterprises, proptech startups, commercial and residential companies, obtain custom real estate management software development services, professional collaboration, comprehensive management to streamline their businesses.

Don’t waste the energy to manage your business manually! Contact us today to get a custom digital solution!