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Cross Platform App
Development Services

Unlock the potential of cross-platform app development. We deliver top-notch, versatile apps that run seamlessly on multiple platforms..

Cross Platform Mobile App Development Company

Create an application to target both Android and iOS mobile platforms and reach the highest number of tech-savyy mobile users with a cross platform app development company.

Cross Platform App
Development Services

Cross platform app development is the process of developing an app that works across
multiple platforms and operating systems. Most commonly, this may be developing an
app that can be packaged for both Android and Apple devices.

  1. Analysis and Planning

    By reviewing a project's needs during the product discovery phase, our solution team sets requirements for the delivery of a mobile solution that fits the client’s expectations and satisfies business needs.

    Analysis and Planning
  2. Development and Design

    Cross platform development requires making sure the app works perfectly on every device and operating system ( Android, iOS, or Windows Phone)  Our cross platform development company utilizing the specific development technologies to recreate the native performance on every single platform.

    Development and Design
  3. Testing and Deployment

    It's important to make sure apps run smoothly on all mobile OS and s devices. Inoxoft’s QA specialists are involved from the very beginning of project development. Conducting thorough analysis, the team identifies defects and bugs to fix all problems and optimize the app's performance.

    Testing and Deployment

Cross Platform App Development Company

Creating a cross platform mobile app requires expertise and experience. To develop a competitive product, it is crucial to partner with a reliable software team who will consider all the critical details.

Inoxoft is a multiplatform mobile app development company delivering advanced solutions for small startups, mid-sized businesses, and enterprises.

Our multi platform app development engineers create high-performing cross-platform applications that deliver excellent conversions across, devices, industries, and audiences.

We consider your requirements, pay attention to details, and select a technology stack depending on the project. Contact our experts to estimate the average price for cross-platform application.

Technologies we work with

Multi platform mobile development has revolutionized the mobile app industry. Software engineers create native-like apps for both Android and iOS devices simultaneously using advances technologies and frameworks. 

Hire Cross Platform App Development Team

Our full-stack cross platform application development company leverages extensive knowledge in mobile development to create user-friendly, cost-effective, and intuitive cross-platform mobile apps customized for your business needs.

 Inoxoft tech team:

  • Deeply understands industry standards, methodologies, and emerging trends
  • Ensures smooth development and 100% quality product
  • Develop tailored QA strategies and solutions
  • Provide automation testing
  • Optimize Clear Code
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Stages Of Inoxoft's Cross Platform App Development

At each development stage our team offers expertise and support to guarantee the highest quality standards, maintains constant communication with a client, reports on results throughout the product development lifecycle.

  • Initiation
  • Requirements analysis
  • Solution definition
  • Project Planning
  • Implementation
  • Quality Assurance Testing
  • Delivery
  • Support and Maintenance
Our Clients

Inoxoft provides the best cost-effective custom website programming services. We offer top project management support and cooperate with our clients to ensure the product requirements are 100% met. Thus, our clients are glad to seek Inoxoft’s expertise in web development services more than once.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What platforms can be targeted with cross-platform app development?

Cross-platform app development allows developers to create applications that can run on multiple platforms, using a single codebase. There are several platforms that can be targeted with cross-platform app development:

  • Mobile Platforms (iOS, Android)
  • Web Platforms: browsers, Progressive web apps (PWA)
  • Desktop Platforms (Windows, macOS, Linux)

Is the performance of cross-platform apps comparable to native apps?

Is the performance of cross-platform apps comparable to native apps?

The performance of a cross-platform application depends on specific factors:

  • complexity of the app
  •  the efficiency of the framework
  • the skill of the development team

To discover more check our article 

Can I integrate native features in a cross-platform app?

It is possible to integrate native features into a cross-platform app. Cross-platform frameworks often provide mechanisms to access native APIs and features of the underlying platform. This allows engineers to leverage platform-specific functionality per need.

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