Discovery Phase Services
for Software Projects

Implement your business idea consulting Inoxoft experts and you get the best solutions ever to satisfy your target users’ needs. You’ll also enjoy a reasonable cost estimation of the project implementation.

Advantages of software product discovery services can not be underestimated. Since the moment business idea is presented to the company, its implementation demands thorough research of business analysts beforehand. The request for discovery phase consulting services is almost urgent if both the company and the client understand that their further work and success of the product depends on improvements during this stage. What does discovery phase reveal to the client? In general, it is an estimation of whether the client’s solutions and requirements for the app match business need correctly.

It is important to bring the maximum value for end-users and product owners via fulfilled business needs. Evaluation of business, functional and non-functional requirements, advice on the system’s functionality, and searching user’s pain points in order to solve them through designed software – are key pillars of discovery stage. To reach an accurate evaluation of the idea stakeholders analysis also should be done. That is the prime road to the consistency of the project plan and clarified vision of product usage and benefits it gives to users.

Key principles to measure
project success

Product Discovery Phase Services for Software Development

Communicate effectively: more questions we set, better product we create

Exploring customers’ ideas lies in the process of intense interviewing, discussions and meetings. The software discovery services may provoke many turns in the initial ideas of the customer which are always improved greatly by designers, managers and techleaders.

The Inoxoft consultants has great experience in conducting smooth communication with clients using best project and product management practices.

Trust us with your idea. We are ready to analyze it for your benefit

Discovery phase means guaranteed support by the company’s professionals mainly to help you optimize the functionality of the product and estimate the value of both business and technical requirements. We provide consultations and engage the client into a constant communication and discussions over the future product. Not only you get the fixed price, but it is as well a chance to learn about the company’s commitment.

Product Discovery Phase Services for Software Development

Discovery stage is a huge benefit in web development

Both the company professionals and the client benefit from the discovery phase digital service because clear requirements are set, features are discussed, the budget is known and the timeframe is decided. Everything you need to feel calm about the smallest application feature, app button design, and whether it could be technically achieved.

Thus, the project discovery phase services make the customer feel secure about the outcomes of the project implementation. The discovery stage results in:
  1. Handling client’s business problem, estimation of business idea efficiency and its overall improvement.

  2. Client gets the all-level architecture structure of the
    web-development process.

  3. The company offers the cost and time estimate.

The process of discovery phase services for product development

The team involved in the discovery phase includes business analysts, senior engineers, lead software developers. UX designers, QA engineers, and technical architects. Usually, the discovery phase services for product development are based on meetings with a client for one-two weeks. However, depending on the size of the project, discovery can take more than four weeks. The following are the steps needed to take during the discovery phase.

  1. Validating problems

  2. Research end-users and identify challenges

  3. Setting functional / non-functional requirements

  4. Technical vision

  5. Creating Basic Wireframes/ Solution Vision

Discovery phase deliverables

A special document exists to cover all the issues structurally. That is Solution Vision and Scope Document which is created and provided to the client. Before we explain what this document contains, let’s have a look at the roles of professionals working for discovery stage results:

Product Discovery Phase Services for Software Development

Business Analyst defines business goals, risks and product feasibility

Product Discovery Phase Services for Software Development

Under the supervision of the Delivery manager the Engagement Manager collects data , analyzed needs and requirements, works on the further scope of the project and defines the best systems to plan technical and design tasks

Product Discovery Phase Services for Software Development

Solution architect manages solution strategies according to business problem and specifies the logic of project stages

Product Discovery Phase Services for Software Development

Technical leader is responsible for software solutions and defines technical possibilities for a desired app features

Product Discovery Phase Services for Software Development

UI/UX Designer works on the product usability, the best choices for navigation and innovative design

During discovery stage which might last up to 2-3 weeks depending on the
scale of the project, the next documents are step by step included in the
Solution Vision and Scope Document:
  • Business requirements
  • Business analysis of business background, goals and risks
  • Solution scope
  • Solution strategy diagram
  • Functional&Non-functional requirements
  • Specification of web-application features and how the system works
  • Technical vision and architecture
  • Applied technologies and effective technological solutions
  • Basic UX design

At the end of the Discovery phase the cost of product development is
determined after which the time for the process of approval by the customer
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Our Clients

We stand as a trustworthy software development provider, our clients obtain convenient Discovery Phase service, receive high-quality solutions and build with us long-term partnerships.


As our experience tells us: better-planned apps – that’s the key to get higher profit and happy users.

The discovery services for software development is a proven bargain that provides the client with a detailed picture of the future product, solves all dubious questions at the initial stages, and testifies to all whims are satisfied. To ensure successful fulfillment of client’s expectations by the company, we developed three Packages: Prime, Standard, and Progressive. The discovery phase price depends on the package and time spend on research and analysis.

It certainly ensures successful fulfilling of client’s expectations by the company. That’s how Inoxoft works – our projects are based on properly organized project management and we are happy to provide our experience for you and share the advantages of the discovery phase.


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