Inoxoft empowers businesses with flawless functionality

Our dedicated QA team will study, analyze, and test your software to make it viable and competitive.

QA services make the path to market quicker, smoother, and safer bringing multiple benefits for business:

  • Cuts the time to production
  • Dedicated team leads the project from beginning to end
  • Leaves space to focus on new projects
  • Delivers superior end product
  • Saves up to 35% of costs

Quality Assurance
for Mobile Applications

How do we reach excellence? With multifaceted Mobile App testing. Inoxoft QA team makes sure
that your mobile application is:






Quality Assurance for Web Applications

Inoxoft utilizes the up-to-date tools that ensure that the product will meet the latest requirements

Performance testing

Aims to ensure that the application will work during the increased workload and detect the dangerous flaws and leaks

Interface Testing

Check if the interface corresponds with industry standards

Cross Browser Testing

Flawless functioning through all web browsers

Compatibility Testing

Testing the way the web app functions with various brows

Usability Testing

Finding the UX disfunctions and improving them to guarantee the smooth navigation and effective interactions

Functional Testing

Making sure that the web app meets the requirements and follows the business logics

Quality Assurance Audit Expertise

Inoxoft Quality Assurance team has a persuasive expertise in providing an independent QA services for a ready product. We are unbiased and interested in the success of our clients, that is why we do our best to thoroughly conduct the following services:

Test Governance and Compliance
  • Test Methodology
  • Test Organizational Structure
  • Test Process Management
  • Test Metrics
  • Knowledge Management
Test Engineering
  • Test Requirements
  • Test tools
  • Test Execution & Defects Reporting
  • Test Strategy
  • Test Cases & Test Data Design
  • Test Environment
  • Metrics
Test Management
  • Test Planning & Monitoring
  • Test Communication & Reporting
  • Defect Management
  • Test Estimation

Our Deliverables

Baseline Establishment

Progress Monitoring

Process Improvement

Broken Processes and
Quality gaps report