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We design custom solutions for different qa business goals. Starting with discussion and improvements of an idea, we aim to embody the client’s exact vision into the final product. We proceed with planning the scope, implementation, and multi-stage testing. We know how application quality can greatly affect the company’s reputation and its future development. At Inoxoft we thoroughly plan test automation solutions and define areas for improvement.

We take full responsibility for the success of an application. That’s why the ideal team for us is the one that has professional QA testers behind. For those who want to experience positive cooperation with the development team and receive first-rate products, we recommend turning attention to Quality Assurance testing services.

Benefits of Automated

Stable code and great performance directly depend on software automation testing. QA automation reduces cost, promotes faster troubleshooting, and gives confidence in the 100% quality of the solution. Highlighting the key advantages of software qa automation services:

QA Automation Testing Services. Software Automation Testing

The price of a single mistake during the development costs less than the one in one year after product release. QA automation services allow you to fix problems and receive high-quality checked products before you bring them to the market. Having an automation tester on the project means you take care of customers’ trust, the company’s image, and all the investments.

QA Automation Testing Services. Software Automation Testing
Eliminates risks

Software creating has many subtleties. There is a narrow merge between how it works now, even if it works well, and being sure it will work fine in the future as well. 100% quality code and a secure configuration are a result of comprehensive software application testing.

QA Automation Testing Services. Software Automation Testing
Accelerates Development

In comparison to manual testing, automated software testing facilitates faster development. QA automated testing speeds up troubleshooting, reducing time spent on testing by 50%. It allows saving time for other important issues that occur during the project implementation.

QA Automation Testing Services. Software Automation Testing
More Efficiency and Accuracy.

Automated testing serves to avoid unintentional mistakes that may appear in manual testing. Automated testing demands minimal human intervention, guarantees quality. It especially justifies its advantages in large projects, when apps are supported on a variety of devices, can suffer cyber-attacks, data breaches, and more.

Custom QA solutions for your

Create market-ready software with Inoxoft’s qa software testing services. Inoxoft is the company that aims at powerful applications to lay the foundation for long-term success in business. We provide expert test automation and consulting for medium, small businesses and launching startups in 4 domains:

Experience team of QA

Skilled professionals will lead the whole project from the very beginning until you’ll get the necessary result.

Inoxoft QA engineers have profound coding skills and work with automation tools and frameworks, design automated tests and documentation to streamline processes. The team will manage QA execution according to the planning and requirements of each specific case. During monitoring, controlling, testing, and validating, our development team will:
Identify your goals
Learn your requirements
Choose the right technologies
Plan development & testing activities
Implement the plan on-time
Deliver a tested, top-quality app


Our company is a testing provider offering test automation solutions for mobile development as well as web development.

Inoxoft is an automation testing company that specializes in
automation testing services for web applications and mobile applications.
We built software for iOS and Android platforms and use such technologies as
.Net, React, Python, Node.js , , and React Native.

QA Automation Testing Services. Software Automation Testing
Automation Services for Mobile Applications

Mobile development is changeable because new technologies and tendencies appear. Inoxoft follows all technology updates and is ready to offer you mobile test automation services at a reasonable price. Our team of QA engineers will conduct accurate testing, monitoring, and controlling of code, and design solutions to leverage the quality of the solutions.

QA for Web applications

As well as testing for mobile, we provide QA services for web applications of different sizes. At Inoxoft we use test automation services and upgrade to the latest qa tools in testing. We care about QA automation to deliver applications that meet market challenges and can be competitive. We direct our efforts and expertise at the cross-browser software that is fast, user-friendly, and scalable.

QA Automation Testing Services. Software Automation Testing


Inoxoft specialists possess expert knowledge and skills to carry out all requirements. We report on defects, communicate problems in a development team and find solutions to debug quickly. Key stages of QA test automation services at Inoxoft are:

Product analysis
Work with requirements
Development of testing strategy and planning of quality control procedures
Creation of test documentation
Prototype testing
Basic testing

Test Engineering at Inoxoft is conducted according to the project specifics,
requirements and compiled testing documents on what, how, and when to test.
If necessary, we involve the Business Analyst in identifying the goals of the project
and design solutions that match the requested terms and wishes.


Professional engineers at Inoxoft use the best software automation tools. We create software at reasonable prices that are previously negotiated and discussed with the client. You will receive:

QA Automation Testing Services. Software Automation Testing

Team of certified QA engineers

QA Automation Testing Services. Software Automation Testing

Professional QA testing automation services

QA Automation Testing Services. Software Automation Testing

Cost-effective services to suit your budget

QA Automation Testing Services. Software Automation Testing

Custom software solution that fits your business goal

QA Automation Testing Services. Software Automation Testing

Flexible project management

QA Automation Testing Services. Software Automation Testing

Regular communication with the team

QA Automation Testing Services. Software Automation Testing

On-time Delivery

Inoxoft emphasizes QA automation as a decisive stage before Delivery. Without being sure that the software is reviewed, checked, and improved, the success of the project is under question.

Technologies we work with

Core industries

Our Clients

We are 100% committed to our client’s project success and deliver the best product quality Inoxoft is confident about. Our clients find us as a reliable outsourcing partner with reasonable prices and developed products that match every business need. So they come back to us more and more.


All in all, Inoxoft is an experienced software testing company.We are committed to project success and ensure excellent Delivery. Inoxoft eliminates gaps in software development and is always confident in our product quality for 100%.

Include Inoxoft to your list of reliable outsource partners. We offer reasonable prices and always suggest optimizing costs spent on development, creating a product that meets all expectations and matches business needs.

If you are interested in our quality automation company, we offer to fill out a contact form below. With all the necessary information at hand, entrust software quality assurance to Inoxoft.


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