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Inoxoft is an outsourcing software company with experience in mobile app development services. Clients worldwide turn to our company with various business needs and requirements for their future applications. We know how to structure our work, how to communicate with business owners to get out the most essential details and compile consistent mobile solutions for your business.

Mobile app developers at Inoxoft are certified engineers who implement clients’ ideas into reality and design tailor-made software for many productive years. We take responsibility for bug-free code and fast performance. We know how important it is to choose the best tech stack for the project. The choice of languages and planning of the activities are 100% relevant to the specifics of the project.

Our mobile app development services

Our mobile application development services company partners with businesses from the USA, the UK, Canada, Israel, Sweden, Norway, Netherlands, and other countries across the globe. We deliver B2B, B2C software solutions for large, medium, small businesses, and startups on an outsourcing basis. Inoxoft is trusted because we:

  • We implement solutions according to all negotiated requirements
  • Pay attention to all details and vision of the customer over the product
  • We are ready to carry out all ideas and meet deadlines
  • Have the most talented apps development team
  • Use the most effective and fast technologies
  • Provide you with a comprehensive consultation
  • We offer Discovery Phase service

Key technologies at Inoxoft to build excellent mobile applications:
iOS, Android, Flutter, React Native

Industries we deliver for:

Inoxoft is an outsourcing full-service mobile application development company that offers to create profitable applications with the latest technology stack, create great UI/UX design, and include innovative features.


Healthcare Software Development

Healthcare monitoring systems and secure application for medical services


Finance Software Development

Mobile banking and financial applications


Education App Development

All-in-one applications for a variety of learning purposes


Logistic Software Development

Effective solutions for logistics, transportation and inventory projects

Inoxoft’s full-service mobile application development

Custom mobile application development services at Inoxoft are all about time-effective management, clear planning, and excellent Delivery. Project implementation life cycle at Inoxoft comprises:

  1. Designing the solution

    Here all your needs and requirements are taken into consideration and embodied in the final idea.

  2. Developing

    Skilled Project Managers control and direct implementation according to effective agile management techniques

  3. Testing

    Inoxoft mobile app developers do their best to create high-quality code. Afterward, they test it as much as possible to be sure to present you with a great product.

  4. Delivery

    After finishing work on the necessary app and its release to the live environment, we display it on the Apple Store or Google Play.

  5. Maintenance & Support

    During after-release development, our app development team assist in troubleshooting, code improvements, and functionality updating

Create Strong Business Potential with Custom Business App

Running mobile app building services business in the 21st century is all about offering fast, high-quality software service that can satisfy users. Inoxoft helps businesses appear in the Google Play Store and Apple Store with their custom business app. We transform your idea into a powerful online service that conveys trust and respect to the users.

Mobile app developers combine solid expertise in mobile application development solutions with the best project management approach. Such a combination allows us to be on friendly terms with all our clients, confirm our experience via daily communications, meetings, negotiations, suggestions on functionality, and more.

We value long-term partnerships and transparency. Inoxoft is the mobile app development firm for which the success of the client is the success of the company. We put clients’ needs and requirements as our key goal and flexibility, our skills and knowledge are key tools to achieve it in the requested terms without budget overspending.

Mobile App Development Services and Solutions

Mobile application should:

  • Focus on usability and simplicity
  • Provide easy access to the data
  • Have great user onboarding
  • Meet end-user expectations

Popularity of Android and iOS

Mobile App Development Services and Solutions

Android Development

Android is forecasted to catch 87% of the market in 2022. For those who plan to build an Android app, it is a comforting statistic. The progressive future of Android guarantees 100% better sales. Your target audience will grow, you can see data on how many people use, search, purchase your service. You can understand reasons and find solutions to improve your business and transmit these improvements in the form of functionality to your application faster.

Mobile App Development Services and Solutions

IOS Development

iOS goes side by side with the popularity of Android devices. Apple stores are growing rapidly which testifies Apple’s ability to stay competitive on the market. The number of iOS devices increases, so the demand for well-done healthcare, finance apps for daily and business usage is enormous.

Cost of Mobile App Development

The cost of Android, iOS, or Hybrid mobile app development depends on the projects’ peculiarities and complexity. The number of additional features influences the time frames, team composition, and budget. An average cost of mobile development services at Inoxoft can be seen in App Cost Calculator. Choose the platform, features and immediately receive the price. Add comments and Inoxoft will send you an exact estimation, taking into consideration all your requirements for a final product.

What can be included in your application:

Mobile App Development Services and Solutions

Workflow optimization tools & Scheduling

Mobile App Development Services and Solutions

Data analysis and storage solutions

Mobile App Development Services and Solutions

Connectivity with other devices

Mobile App Development Services and Solutions

Media and animations

Mobile App Development Services and Solutions

In-app payments

Mobile App Development Services and Solutions


Mobile App Development Services and Solutions

Real-time chatting

Mobile App Development Services and Solutions


Create powerful applications with Inoxoft

Lucrative businesses are businesses with mobile apps. The majority of website searches go via mobile devices. Get your services online and take your brand to the next level. With mobile solutions, you’ll confidently increase the number of customers and partners.

Customers that have round-the-clock connectivity with you, trust your application more. As a reverse effect, the application itself helps to:

  • Boost Brand Reputation
  • Effectively engage customers
  • Increase business visibility
  • Increase trust in your services
  • Have analytic data in your hands
  • Amplify your brand
  • Improve the customer experience
  • Reach better marketing, to receive higher profits

We'll help your business grow

Our company is trusted by enterprises, medium and small businesses from countries across the globe. Our 6 years of experience and successfully realized solutions testify to high-quality mobile app development services. We are now 100+ certified engineers with proactive thoughts and a desire to offer you reliable services in delivering top-notch mobile applications.

Mobile App Development Services and Solutions

Inoxoft creates cost-effective and original software solutions for startups. Our cooperation models allow building software at reasonable prices that are previously negotiated and discussed with the client. You will receive:

  • App development team of certified engineers
  • Professional and scalable Android or iOS app
  • Custom software solution that fits your business goals
  • Mobile development that meets your budget
  • Discovery Stage for learning end-users, market, and improving idea

Technologies we work with

Core industries

Our Clients

Inoxoft has a professional app development team that provides our clients with expert solutions in mobile development services. We help clients grow their businesses so it’s no wonder they come back to us again with new mobile app ideas to implement.


Look for an ideal place to get the necessary application and grow your business? Congratulations, as you’ve already found it. Inoxoft is the best outsourcing company that is ready to provide you with a full range of services concerning mobile app development solutions. The best mobile app developers know everything to provide you with high-quality iOS or Android app development. In case you still hesitate you can look closer at the process of creating the product from the very beginning to its displaying.

Have any questions? Feel free to ask them. Our support system works for your convenience. Apply to the professional app development team easily – you can fill the contact form on the page. We’ll provide you with all the details and necessary information on the partnership, costs, and milestones of project implementation for your business.


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