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It goes without saying that nothing can be done or produced without high-skilled staff. Every enterprise is eager to collect the dedicated and talented development team to fulfill definite work. In other words, employees are the most significant condition of the overall industry success. That’s why business owners should pay special attention to every worker and share the ambition to fully satisfy clients needs.

Excellent healthcare software development will help to do it at the necessary level. So, if you want employees to enjoy the advantages of health insurance without difficulties then pay attention to the mobile apps for medical care.

We deliver custom software solutions for digitalization in patient management, daily medical practice and all niches of medical services. We stand in favour of investing efforts into high-quality healthcare applications. Future of medicine depends on how effective healthcare systems are. Inoxoft shares the desire of clinics, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies and all medical specialists to diligently contribute to medical software development.

The advantages of healthcare app development are endless.
Together with Inoxoft, you’ll be able to take
the benefits of all of them.
Custom Healthcare Solutions Development
  • Real-time consultancy and remote tracking healthcare state of patients
  • Storing, importing and delivering data that allows quicker health problem detecting
  • Scheduling visits and time-saving medical services online
  • Effective managing of medical practice in real-life
  • Sharing knowledge and expertise in expert medical circles
  • Easier access to data
  • Improved implementation and invention of medical instruments and devices.

We create high-quality
solutions for healthcare

Are you eager to improve patient experience in dealing with healthcare services? Congratulations as you’ve come to the necessary place.
Digital technologies develop rapidly, and there is plenty of outsourcing companies in Ukraine that are engaged in software building. However, not all of them can boast 100 % trust of the clients because of product quality.

At Inoxoft we offer custom healthcare solutions done by high-skilled professionals with strong expertise in the domain. We’ve delivered great healthcare software for a range of medical institutions worldwide.

Enjoy our custom medical
software development

  1. Custom medical solutions

    Custom medical solutions do significantly change Medicine and improve the personalized approach to patients, align the work of medical workers and bind specialists from different continents for creating high-quality medical devices or instruments. Inoxoft is a custom healthcare software development company that helps transform the ideas for medical improvements into reality.

  2. Mhealth applications

    Mhealth apps solutions transform healthcare services into a perspective mobile experience that can satisfy all needs of patients by one click. We certainly need to implement such a change to switch to online as it gives more sense of safety and immediate access to medical services wherever you are. Excellent healthcare software development services will help to do it at the necessary level. So if you want employees to enjoy the advantages of health insurance without difficulties then start healthcare mobile app development with Inoxoft.

  3. On-demand healthcare solutions for medical real-life practice

    No less important are on-demand healthcare solutions that unite medical progress and technology into powerful software for regulating, creating and approving 3D printing models for surgery operations. We had an experience of medical software development company partnering with medical specialists worldwide. The result of our fruitful work was a platform for managing communication between experts and creation of complicated 3D implants for various operational cases.

  4. Insurance Agency Management Software

    Protection of people’s lives and providing in-time full medical insurance is a necessity today. If you are a medical representative or business structure in need of insurance managing software, we can provide you with web and mobile healthcare applications in compliance with all standards. You’ll receive a convenient and flexible management system to create a database of personnel, track insurance cost, regulate conditions, policy and more.

  5. Digital recorded data for leveraged diagnostics

    The next interesting and useful benefit is an emotion detecting solution. Do you agree that emotions play an important role in our life? Thanks to custom medical software development, we are able to watch and check a person’s state. Happiness, stress or sadness definitely influence our health. Indeed, healthcare software can analyze these emotions and diagnose some types of diseases. Let’s take, voice-based diagnostic tools, for example. Our professionals have an amazing experience of working with voice recognition software. As a result, you’ll get the opportunity to diagnose cardiovascular diseases with the help of a special app that can analyze user’s speech.

Our expertise in healthcare

Machine Learning & AI for Healthcare

Healthcare software development is worthy of investing. If you are about to drive innovations in curing, increase trust to medical institutions and offer wonderful care of medical employees and patients, the team of an experienced medical software company is ready to provide everybody with unique expertise in healthcare.

We successfully provided doctors with software that allows creating 3D printing models, managing the legal process of signing all medical documents and approving when and under what conditions operations are to be carried out, etc. Thus, hundreds of clients all over the world have already chosen Inoxoft to leverage their medical services, keeping pace with technological progress.

Digital & Personal Connected Health

We are glad to offer you our software engineers who are highly professional
and know everything about healthcare app development.

As the healthcare software development company, we empower you with new ideas on how to leverage medical care and cure. Inoxoft works intensively on creating platforms for managing patients’ information, detecting health issues, establishing platforms for remote cooperation among doctors and hospitals.

Building custom healthcare solutions and having the necessary experience behind, they work with up-to-date technologies such as .Net, React, Flutter, Python, Android, iOS platforms. Moreover, Inoxoft can boast a personal approach to every client. We use necessary technologies to create the best custom medical software right for you. To be more precise, our clients receive:

Effective healthcare systems in compliance with HIPAA and regulatory standards.
Automated workflow management solutions
Enhanced insurance experience
Predictive analytical software
Electronic health data recording
Patients data monitoring and analysis tools
Mhealth solutions for remote consultations and healthcare services

Of course, these are not all benefits Inoxoft offers in terms of providing custom healthcare solutions. The Dedicated team of developers focuses at full commitment, while excellent project management approaches at Inoxoft open up a platform for positive experience between IT and Healthcare industry. We use agile methodology and best time management practices for product implementation, as well as solid expertise and proven tech stack for mhealth apps.

Our next focus is on a thorough investigation and accuracy in healthcare application delivery. Delivery gives us a 100% guarantee that software is of the highest quality. We satisfy the variety of clients’ business needs in the domain, resolving very specific cases. All in all, at Inoxoft, we’ll make our best to present you with great healthcare software development services.


With Inoxoft you can get the best healthcare app development services that drive changes and bring innovative spirit into curing. Automation of management, accounting, and controlling at medical centers, play an important role in boosting the efficiency of business and the quality of services. Every stakeholder wants the business to make a good profit. Therefore automation of medicine is so much developing these days.

Inoxoft provides a full range of services related to software development, from the definition of the goals in using the application and ending with the introduction and maintenance of finished products. At the same time, we remain an organization with a competitive approach to the budget estimation for the requested services. We offer negotiated prices and affordable time & money ratio. Moreover, our outsourced company can boast a wide range of technical capabilities, a professional approach to task delegation – a powerful tool for solving emerging problems.

You’ll hardly find a more reliable partner for achieving the necessary goals. So, feel free to write or call us right now. Ideal custom medical solution is closer than you can think.

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