Custom Healthcare Software Solutions

It goes without saying nothing can be done or produced without good staff. Every enterprise is eager to collect the dedicated and talented team to fulfill definite work. In other words, employees are the most significant condition of the overall industry success. That’s why business owners should pay a special attention to every worker.

Excellent custom software dev for healthcare services will help to do it at the necessary level. So if you want employees to enjoy the advantages of health insurance without difficulties then pay attention to the mobile application for medical care.

Where to get high-quality
healthcare software

Luckily digital technologies develop rapidly so that there is a plenty of
outsourcing companies in Ukraine which are engaged in software building.
But not all of them can boast 100 % trust of the clients because of product
quality. Unlike them, Inoxoft really has what to offer for medical soft. If you
don’t want to waste time and enjoy numerous advantages of dealing with the
skilled team then pay attention to our company that is situated in Lviv.

Professional developers know everything about healthcare app building and have the necessary experience in working with up-to-date technologies such as Wordpress, Android, Laravel (PHP framework), ReactJS, Angular, Ruby etc. Moreover, Inoxoft can boast a personal approach to every client and use any other necessary technology to get the best solution right for you. All in all, you will be able to enjoy great service as well as:

  • Reliable support system;
  • Talented and dedicated team;
  • Reasonable prices;
  • A base of the best ideas;
  • Cooperation with the leaders in healthcare software dev;
  • Personal data safety;
  • Best systems for app building.

Of course, these are not all benefits Inoxoft is ready to offer you. Hundreds of
clients all over the world choose our outsourced company management to
improve business and make it work for them, increase income and take care of

Enjoy Healthcare software
development service

Are you eager to improve patient experience of dealing with application
development? Congratulations as you’ve come to the necessary place. The
team of the experienced outsourcing company is ready to provide everybody
with unique software. In other words here you can get the best product for IT
consulting healthcare services for sure.

Only together we will make health insurance work for the employees better
from the very beginning. To be more precise clients will get:
  • Configurable healthcare applications
  • Simple search for desirable medical institutions
  • Constant access to insurance information
  • Enhanced insurance experience
  • Convenient and close services

Learn the benefits of
healthcare IT solutions

It’s not a secret that advantages of healthcare application software are endless. Together with Inoxoft, you’ll be able to enjoy all of them. Take, voice-based diagnostical tools, for example. Our professionals have an amazing experience of working with voice recognition soft. As a result, you’ll get the opportunity to diagnose cardiovascular diseases with help of a special app which can analyze user’s speech.

Next interesting and the useful benefit is emotions detecting solution. Do you agree that emotions play an important role in our life? Thanks to iPhone and other devices we are able to watch and check person’s state. Happiness, stress or sadness definitely influences our health. Fortunately, computers can analyze these emotions and diagnose some types of diseases.


Automation of management, accounting, and control, as well as software for a medical center, plays an important role in improving the efficiency of business and the quality of medical services. Every businessman wants business to make a good profit. Therefore automation of medicine is so much developing these days.

However not always offered software products can be used to support the work of a medical institution. The software for medicine must be created taking into account the specifics of this service industry.

Inoxoft provides a full range of services related to software development, from the definition of the goals of using the application and ending with the introduction and maintenance of finished products. At the same time, we remain an organization with a competitive approach to the formation of the cost of services. Moreover, our outsourced company can boast a wide range of technologies and technical capabilities, a professional approach to orders - a powerful tool for solving emerging problems.

You’ll hardly find the more reliable partner for achieving necessary goals. So feel free to write or call us right now. Ideal healthcare software products are closer than you can even think.


If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

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