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Are you eager to improve patient experience in dealing with healthcare services? Inoxoft is a custom healthcare app development company that offers custom healthcare solutions done by high-skilled professionals with considerable domain expertise. We’ve delivered top-notch medical software for a range of medical service institutions. Our custom hospital software development company clients are hospitals as well as healthcare startups whom we offer custom medical software development services:

Our expertise

Inoxoft is a certified custom healthcare software development company. We’ll empower you with new ideas on how to leverage medical care. Building custom healthcare solutions Inoxoft engineers work with up-to-date technologies such as Python, .Net, Node.js, ReactJS, Flutter, and React Native. We provide top-notch services to deliver:

  • iOS and Android mobile applications for the Healthcare industry. Cross-platform and native development of custom healthcare solutions. Start healthcare mobile app development with experts.
  • Advanced all-in-one healthcare web applications.
    Complex SaaS healthcare platform development, web responsive scalable application for patient monitoring, and more. Effective healthcare systems in compliance with HIPAA and regulatory standards.

Personalize medical care

Excellent solutions in healthcare will help to create client-oriented flexible and smart medical care at a high-quality level. Providing medical software development, we deliver custom software solutions for a variety of medical purposes:

  1. Custom medical software development for connected medical devices

    The future of medicine depends on how effective and optimized interconnected health systems are. We’ll help integrate with EHR and EMR or other systems, connect medical devices and automate processes with ease.

  2. AI-driven systems and data analytics in healthcare app development

    Get the most from data collected from patients’ wearables, software, special medical devices to prevent diseases from spreading and ensure on-time diagnosis.

  3. Scalable telemedicine solutions

    Streamline patient management and accelerate medical specialist’s work. We offer automated telemedicine apps for record management, symptoms tracking, accurate diagnostics, and more.

  1. User-centric mhealth apps

    Health state monitoring, fitness, and nutrition digital advisors can be implemented into a single mhealth app. Inoxoft will develop fully functional mhealth systems for self-care and managing specialists’ work.

  2. On-demand healthcare solutions for medical real-life practice

    Having experience in realizing software for 3D printing surgical operations, Inoxoft is ready to provide you with efficient custom medical solutions for doctor collaborations, surgery management, e-documentation, and more.

Automate medical services

It’s not a secret that the advantages of healthcare app development are endless. Together with Inoxoft, and our custom software development for healthcare you’ll be able to take the benefits of all of them.

Effective managing of medical practice in real-life

Effective managing of medical practice in real-life

Sharing knowledge and expertise in expert medical circles

Sharing knowledge and expertise in expert medical circles

Easier access to data

Easier access to data

Scheduling visits and time-saving medical services online

Scheduling visits and
time-saving medical services online

Real-time consultancy

Real-time consultancy and remote tracking healthcare state of patients

Storing, importing and delivering data that allows quicker health problem detecting

Storing, importing, and delivering data that allows quicker health problem detecting

Improved implementation and invention of medical instruments and devices

Improved implementation and invention of medical instruments and devices

Leverage diagnostics

Digitally recorded data is critical for checking and analyzing a person’s health status over a while. Happiness, stress, or sadness definitely influence our health. Fortunately, medical software can analyze these emotions and diagnose some types of diseases. Our engineers have an amazing experience of working with voice recognition software. As a result, you’ll get the opportunity to diagnose diseases with the help of a special app that can analyze a user’s speech.

Benefits of medical software development

Our medical software development company guarantees high-quality products and on-time releases. Among the benefits you get:

Inoxoft will offer a model of cooperation that suits your budget and time requirements most efficiently.
Inoxoft uses best practices of project management. We make our delivery effective with iterations, on-time demo, and expectation management. Inoxoft is a custom healthcare software development company that helps transform the ideas for medical improvements into reality on time.
Inoxoft custom medical software development company takes a personal approach to every client and uses any other necessary technology to create the best custom medical software right for you.

Hire a professional team

If you are about to drive innovations in clinical treatment, increase trust in medical institutions and offer wonderful care to patients, the team of an experienced medical software company is ready to provide everybody with unique expertise in healthcare and custom healthcare software solutions development.

With Inoxoft you can get the best healthcare app development services that prove to drive change and bring innovations forward. We are your reliable software development partner. Feel free to write or call us right now. Top-notch reliable medical software development services are closer than you can even think.

Technologies we work with

Our Clients

Working with Inoxoft, our clients obtain custom healthcare software development services, professional collaboration, and convenient communication with the team, that result in high-quality solutions in the Healthcare industry.


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