Web and Mobile Solutions For HR Management on Construction Sites

A comprehensive platform to streamline communication between construction workers and companies.
The Client
Our client is a UK entrepreneur who wanted to provide convenient human resources management for construction sites, including access control management and accounting assistance.
Human Resources

React Native, AWS, PHP. Laravel, VueJS
Project Idea

The project aimed to address the needs of construction workers and managers by providing a comprehensive platform for managing personnel, enhancing efficiency on construction sites and eliminating the dependency on recruitment agencies.


The solution involved developing a user-friendly mobile app and web portal for workers and managers to easily track their time on site and submit timesheets, including access control features such as gates, vehicle barriers, and turnstiles to facilitate efficient check-in/out processes for personnel and transport at construction sites.

Business Value

The solution provides a comprehensive approach to modernize the construction industry, offering time and cost-saving features for both companies and workers. The platform fosters innovation and adaptability while addressing industry-wide productivity challenges.

Core features
  1. Create company/site/worker/manager
  2. Setup BT beacons for site entrance
  3. Identity checks to sign up on a mobile app  
  4. Worker check-in/out feature
  5. Security Guard role
  6. Subcontractor access to site-specific information
  7. Role system with distinct UI for up to 10 construction roles
  8. Bluetooth access control for site convenience with vehicle barriers & turnstiles 
  9. Identity verification  in collaboration with Onfido
  10.  Skill Card Verification (CITB)
  11. Site Analytics: Check in/out log, Site Statistics, Fire Print

Full Story

Inoxoft solution

In the heart of London's bustling construction scene, a former construction manager found himself with a persistent challenge: the intricate puzzle of managing personnel on busy building sites. From the vantage point of his experience, our client witnessed firsthand the inefficiencies plaguing traditional methods of workforce management. 

Together with Inoxoft, the client embarked on a journey to develop a solution that would flawlessly integrate into the fabric of construction site operations. Our collaborative efforts bore fruit in the form of a sophisticated and successful platform that redefined human resources management in the construction realm.

▶️ One of the hallmark features of the web-platform was its robust site management capabilities. Through a user-friendly interface, managers can effortlessly create and manage construction sites, assigning personnel with precision and tracking their activities in real-time. Such a granular level of control ensured that every aspect of site operations remained coordinated with enhanced efficiency and productivity across the board. 

Our solution presented a groundbreaking approach to subcontractor collaboration: by extending invitations to subcontracting companies, site owners could grant restricted access, and oversee their own workforce within the larger construction ecosystem. Beside fostering transparency, this innovative approach would also empower site owners with insights into the progress of their projects.

The platform's homepage serves as a dynamic dashboard, offering at-a-glance insights into the status of all construction sites under the user's purview. Customizable widgets provide users with real-time updates on site statuses, access privileges, and workforce composition. The solution offers comprehensive profiles for each worker, granting managers visibility into their current work locations, assignments, timesheets, documents, and licenses.


▶️ Our mobile application caters to the diverse needs of workers in the construction industry, ensuring flawless onboarding and robust security protocols. Upon registration, workers undergo a stringent verification process, cross-referencing their credentials with government databases to validate their suitability for work, especially concerning any criminal history, enhancing safety standards.

Registration on the mobile application is exclusive to invitation with access control and security. Introducing another pivotal role within the system, Security Guards utilize the app to scan QR codes on workers' profiles during their working day, accessing vital information and permissions.

The app's homepage provides essential information about the construction site, along with convenient check-in and check-out functions. Upon arrival at the site's entry points (gates, lifting gates, or turnstiles), workers open the app to check-in, initiating their workday automatically. Similarly, upon departure, the app logs their hours worked, facilitating accurate payroll management. All logged hours are integrated into timesheets — a custom feature where worklogs are automatically calculated based on each worker's pay rate.

In addition to developing the website and application, our team collaborated extensively on the hardware aspect, including Bluetooth beacons strategically placed throughout the construction site to identify the specific site location of workers accurately. We also implemented advanced access control features for both personnel and equipment, enhancing overall site security and operational efficiency.

Challenges and innovations

Ideation for platform features was client-driven, aligning with business needs: client engagement with potential investors led to the prioritization of requested features, driving active support and implementation efforts. Inoxoft's team implemented client-proposed features, such as a customizable statistics widget on the homepage, promptly transforming their visions into reality. 

The project encountered hardware challenges, which necessitated innovative solutions. Notably, the implementation of robust identity and license checks during worker registration involved complex integration with government APIs to ensure the validity of licenses and verification of identities for enhanced security.

Despite challenges, the project proved highly promising, with all client milestones achieved. Proactive redesign initiatives by the team further delighted the client with overall satisfaction multiplied. The project's success was a testament to the cohesive efforts of the Inoxoft's team, demonstrating our commitment to innovation and client satisfaction.


Inoxoft’s team developed next solutions for this project:

  • Web platform for construction companies and subcontractors involved in construction sites. Platform offers managers/workers control features, including time tracking and timesheet preparation.
  • Mobile app for workers that includes automated personality and skill checks, and check-in/check-out on construction sites using Bluetooth Device for controlling workers work time.
  • Mobile app for Security Guard to allow easy personnel check before they go onto construction site.

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