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Inoxoft projects are mostly based on .Net and having realized 80 software solutions, we possess solid expertise in .Net development services. Our engineers constantly upgrade their knowledge and share expertise in given technology.

We value professional software that is an integral part of any successful project. Ready solutions should meet the requirements of a particular project and become an abundance of new ways for the business to scale-up.

Inoxoft also encourages creating custom web products to reach stated goals more efficiently and interfere with the market as winners of original projects. That’s why as a professional company we provide clients with service for building custom software with specifically designed features. For those who search the way to the best product, we advise you to pay attention to custom .Net development.

What apps .Net is used for

NET is a popular modular platform for creating web, mobile applications of
any complexity of web and mobile applications. Cross-platform compatibility
allows developing programs for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X.
  • High Performance & Flexible development
  • Maximum Security and Robust Code
  • Comprehensive debugging services
  • Great Memory Management
  • Lower development costs
  • Integration with first-class tools
  • Rich frameworks
  • Fast time-to-market platforms
  • Cross-platform compatibility

.Net is a relevantly new framework that offers efficient fulfillment of requirements of the widest range of software development needs. Building platforms in .Net provides language interoperability, great memory management, and third-party integrations. Projects of any size can be built in .Net, and it perfectly suits medium and large size applications. .Net has favourable opportunities to widen development services for software engineers.

Our experience in.Net

Inoxoft is a company awarded as .Net Developers by Clutch. Specializing in
custom .net development, we’ve successfully delivered 80 software solutions
for clients from the USA, the UK, Canada, Israel, Germany, Sweden,
Netherlands and other countries worldwide.
.Net Development Services, Custom .Net Development - Inoxoft

2019 Clutch award Top.Net & Web Developers

.Net Development Services, Custom .Net Development - Inoxoft

Extensive expertise in .Net, Asp.Net, Xamarin, Mono, HTML, C# and more

.Net Development Services, Custom .Net Development - Inoxoft

100+ team of certified engineers

.Net Development Services, Custom .Net Development - Inoxoft

High-level Delivery

.Net Development Services, Custom .Net Development - Inoxoft

Full-cycle project development

.Net Development Services, Custom .Net Development - Inoxoft

Inoxoft creates solutions that will completely meet your business goals, functional and non-functional requirements. We guarantee high-quality apps which will help to improve your business. Inoxoft as .NET development company specializes in designing and implementing:

  • Unique end-to-end comprehensive web applications with third-party integrations
  • Mobile apps with consistent and intuitive UI/UX
  • CRM, CMS with great onboarding
  • Payment gateways, JPS location, media solutions, chatbots and numerous additional features

Tailor-made software to
match all your business

We are an outsourcing .NET development company with 6 years of
experience in building web and mobile applications. When implementing
custom solutions, we always take into consideration clients’ business needs
and personal vision over the project.

We build well-thought application architecture in a match with the business logic of the project. On an outsourced basis, our company offers:
  • Custom apps for enterprises, medium and small businesses
  • Affordable software solutions
    for launching startups

If you are interested in starting the project with Inoxoft, we’ll first send you all the information you need. Send us your request, present us your idea and requirements and after, receive the consultation with one of our experts.

At Inoxoft we implement solutions in 4 key directions:

Education Software

All-in-one platforms for innovative education approaches and systems

Logistics Software

Apps for better and simplified Logistics management

Finance App

Finance management systems for web and mobile platforms

Healthcare & Life Sciences

All kinds of healthcare management software

Our principles of

Inoxoft guarantees the quality of code, application performance, met
deadlines and everything which is included is signed up the document with a
client. Inoxoft principles of cooperation are reliable and open relations with
  • The final result is completely connected with every stage of web development, that’s why we strictly and accurately plan the scope of the project and always deploy in time.
  • We strongly prioritize the Delivery stage and we do it to release 100% excellently checked products. In such a way, all our clients receive only completely tested applications with all met requirements.

Benefits of choosing

We design solutions that meet different business requirements and
functionality of which helps leverage scalability and increase the percentage
of web presence, interest among end-users
Inoxoft will create any type of application you wish: Web, Mobile Desktop Applications
Web development at Inoxoft enlists .NET as one of the key programming languages
Inoxoft developers’ solid expertise in .NET is the key to how we deliver successful results
We apply .NET updates to produce high-quality code and make the system lightweight
.NET application development in Inoxoft has reasonable prices for every pocket.
Time and task management at Inoxoft are based on years of practice with foreign customers.

In our .Net projects, we realized time-efficient SaaS solutions for enterprises, a responsive web platform developed from scratch, applications with highly optimized performance and flexible configuration applicable to numerous types of businesses.

If you need to build fast, highly secured web applications choose Inoxoft as your reliable partner and experienced .NET app development company. We can provide you with:

.Net Development Services, Custom .Net Development - Inoxoft

Effective project management according to agile methodology

.Net Development Services, Custom .Net Development - Inoxoft

Reasonable time/money

.Net Development Services, Custom .Net Development - Inoxoft

Transparent communication with the team and fast reaction to changes

No matter how specific are your requirements or how complex are your business needs, we’ll thoroughly investigate your case, work on the business logic, develop diagrams, charts and use other methods to plan the scope of the project and set reasonable terms for tasks.


The opportunity to connect with specialists at any time is very significant. With Inoxoft you can feel safe for 100 %. Feel free to phone or write and get qualified assistance with any questions. You also can fill the contact form on the page. Remember today’s choice influences what you’ll get tomorrow.

Inoxoft team of experts are experienced project coordinators, Business Analysts, Quality Assurance Engineers, Engagement and Delivery Managers. Working proactively with each client, Inoxoft ensures the quality of deliverables, thorough understanding, and analysis of your business needs and accurate composition of solutions that match budget and time expectations.

You can send requests directly from our website. For your convenience, you, please, contact us on Skype, email, or phone. Highly qualified experts will answer all your questions and give all the necessary information. We provide professional assistance to everything you need to launch and grow your business.


If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

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