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It is not a secret professional software is an integral part of any successful project. Owners of all companies no matter whether it is a large enterprise or a small young studio want to make business bring good income. That’s why they apply to outsource teams and order unique application. Why unique? It is evident that a ready solution can’t meet the requirements of a particular project. Only specially prepared web product will help to reach stated goals very quickly.

The variety of technologies used for soft development is astonishing. Here everybody can use the tool which is the most suitable for definite aim: Android, Ruby, Python, Magento, PHP etc. Those who want to get the best product should pay attention to .Net core.

Learn more about .Net core
and its advantages

. NET core is a popular modular platform for creating web apps and
microservices. The benefits of choosing this technology are fantastic. Let’s
point out several of them:
Flexible development

It can be added to the application or installed in parallel at the user or computer level.


Is supported by Microsoft and works with Mac OS, Windows, and Linux. Moreover, it can be transferred to the rest OS. The number of supported operating systems and applications will eventually expand due to efforts of Microsoft and even other companies.


Is compatible with Xamarin, .NET Framework, and Mono.

Command-line tools

Any scenarios for using the product can be implemented through the command line.

Where to purchase

A number of available outsourcing companies are just incredible these days.
They prepare various solutions to make you buy their products. But not all of
them can boast high-quality apps which will help to improve your business
Skilled developers

Qualified workers have excellent knowledge in .Net core development. Their first aim is to realize all your ideas. That’s why they listen attentively to the details you mention. It’s a very important moment as a final result completely connected with every stage of web development.

Reasonable price

You’ll hardly find outsource company with more pleasant prices. It’s amazing to get an excellent product at so low cost. No extra money while the process of creating a necessary product. Everything is decided at the very beginning.

High-quality product

Low price doesn’t influence the quality of the .Net core development. Here you’ll get only the best software which will positively change any difficult situation with business.


The opportunity to connect with specialists at any time is very significant. With Inoxoft you can feel safe for 100 %. Feel free to phone or write and get qualified assistance with any available questions. You also can fill the contact form on the page. Remember your today’s choice influences what you’ll get tomorrow.


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